How to choose the right flowers for your date


Get bouquet of flowers from FlloryDating is a tricky business. There are so many things to get right, and so many things that could go wrong. But one tradition that is long associated with this ancient ritual of courtship is giving your date some flowers. Before you head off to the flower shop or browse for online florists in Singapore, let us guide you in choosing the right bouquet of flowers for your upcoming date.

1 Know her favourites

This goes without saying. If you know her favourite flowers, finding the right bouquet of flowers to give your date would be a walk in the park. However, if you haven’t got the slightest idea what type of flowers she like, try to think of her favourite colours and fragrances. Is your date particularly fond of any colours? You can use that information to choose a flower bouquet with the right colour theme. How about a fragrance or perfume she wears all the time? It is time to dig up memories and snippets of information she might have given away from the start.

2 What’s the occasion?

Specific occasions are symbolically tied to specific flowers. For example, red roses are a custom for Valentine’s Day, whereas a flower basket for a new born baby is traditionally blue for a baby boy, and pink for a baby girl. Consider the occasion of your event. Is it for Valentine’s Day, a birthday celebration, an anniversary, graduation, celebration, or is it just a pleasant surprise for no specific reason at all? You can find the right types of flowers and their meanings in our other blog post here (*link to blog2).

3 Presentation

Will you be delivering the flowers to your date’s house or office, or will you be handing it to her personally? As much as you would love to surprise her with a lovely bouquet, it would be wise to keep her convenience in consideration. If your date will be carrying your flowers throughout the whole night, perhaps it would be more appropriate to choose a smaller hand-held bouquet that will be easy to carry around. If you are having the flowers delivered over to her work or home, you can opt for a hat-box or basket flower arrangement with a bigger wow-factor that will make her colleagues jealous!

Choosing the right bouquet for the right occasion will not only ensure a broad smile on your date’s face, but also a happy wallet on your part. However, if you still have no idea which flowers to choose, leave it to the pros and ask your local online florist for their opinion. Drop them a visit or email them at, let the professional florist do the choosing for you!

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