Choose Trending Options For Your Door Replacement


The door that leads inside the house must be as special as the interior. The look must be impressive to offer a grand entry. When you are thinking of the renovation and if door replacement is a consideration then you must know the latest designs and types.

The options are at your disposal

You can go for hollow or solid core doors. Judging the requirement you can set the best one in the right place.

  • Solid core

These doors are heavier as they lack air pockets. This is why this type is used as the entrance door for better security and withstanding atmospheric forces. This option is a little costlier than the hollow ones. Solid core doors are better for sound and heat insulation.

  • Hollow core

The presence of air pockets makes this door lighter. It can be used for the interior doors. The popular contemporary options in this case are:

1. Nyatoh door makes good replacement door

Nyatoh door is a solid core door option that provides great insulation and security in comparison to other types. It resists denting and tampering due to its compact build-up and better strength. The natural color of the wood is dark brown or dark red and the wood is easily available in the furniture store of Singapore. Due to its rich texture and tightness, it is used in making exterior doors withstand extreme climate. In fact, Nyatoh type offers varieties of designs that match the room décor.

2. Veneer door gives a modern look to your house

When you are looking for abstract options, then veneer door is the one. The thin and long slices of wood, when glued together, give an elegant finish. The variety of patterns and styles give a modern look to the entrance. This type of doors is increasingly popular in the market of Singapore.   

Go with the durable type and the one that fits your budget for door replacement. Both the choices are good. Select as per the internal ambiance after considering price and other factors.

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