Choosing A Chinese Language School For Adults


Chinese is one of the toughest languages known to mankind. Depending on nationality and ethnicity different variants of the Chinese language are spoken in several Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong etc. So learning this language can help you in your business and social dealings if you ever happen to travel to such Asian countries. There are various schools in Chinese-speaking countries that train foreigners in spoken as well as written Chinese. If you search online you can find details of several language schools that conduct basic Chinese and Mandarin class for adults. Mandarin is a common type of Chinese language spoken in many countries.

Online versus offline courses

  • If you search online you can find many sources offering free courses that can help you for learning Chinese. Mandarin class for adultsHence, it would be difficult to identify a reliable and good course. In the case of offline courses, you can inquire with the students or consult directly with the authorities to learn about their service quality.
  • Online courses offer more flexibility in terms of learning hours and examinations. Offline courses often have fixed timings, for regular classes and exams.
  • Online courses are always cheaper and you can also find many free courses. Offline courses offered by schools and language institutes charge a good deal of fees.
  • Online courses may not be much helpful in learning written Chinese as it takes a lot of guidance in understanding the alphabets and their usage. Offline courses are more helpful in learning oral as well as written Chinese or Mandarin.

Finding a professional Chinese language school in Singapore

For learning spoken or written Chinese you need the guidance of an experienced teacher. Hence it is essential to find an institute with several years of experience. In Singapore, if you are looking for a reliable training program for Mandarin or Chinese you can enroll with Language Works. The institute is popular for conducting Mandarin courses as well as business English course in Singapore for foreigner.

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