Choosing the Right Squat Rack


squat rack singapore

When it comes to weight training equipment for, squat rack Singapore is one of the most popular for body builders and even for casual exercisers. These are great for building muscles and for burning fats. This also helps a lot in developing the lower back and also quadriceps, glutes, and soleous.

Purchasing squat rack in Singapore

This equipment is also known as king of exercises. It’s known for its power since it can render great results in such a short time. There are several factors when you are planning to purchase a squat rack for home use.

  • First off you have to consider the different models or types of squat racks available. If you are after overall body exercise routine, you can get a squat rack that enables several options. There are squat racks that have optional items that can be attached to them that will allow for muscle building exercises and even bench pressing. There are also racks that are only intended for squats.
  • One other thing that you have to consider in buying a squat rack is the material it is made of. This is often overlooked but it is an important factor. Always remember that you’ll be racking and un-racking different weights and the rack should be able to withstand this kind of pressure. It should have a steel frame that is firmly constructed. The steel frame ensures that your rack is durable and can last a long time.
  • You also have to consider the space you allot for the squat rack. If your space is limited, you might want to choose a rack that’s durable and at the same time space saving.
  • A squat rack to choose should also have back and bottom support bars. The bottom support bars are those that prevent you from squatting too low since it may injure your neck, back, and other muscle areas. The back support bars on the other hand prevent your body from falling backwards to the ground. It’s also essential for you to have a metal box around you when you lift. This will give you the support you need and it will enable you to get on with the routine without having to worry about safety.

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