Choosing the Most Trusted Asia Pacific Executive Search Firm


As the top executive search firm in the Asia Pacific region, we are trusted by many businesses, not just in Singapore but also in other parts of Asia like in China, Korea, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

We believe that strong leadership is important for an organization to grow. That is why The People At Work has been diligently helping organizations to find the top leaders and expand their operations in emerging markets. We have offices operating in Shanghai and Manila and we are in the best position to support clients with varied needs.

With more than 15 years of track record focusing on senior appointments in Asia Pacific, The People At Work has worked with a diverse range of industries and different types of assignments. With our multi-cultural teams in different locations across Asia, they are fully knowledgeable about industry happenings, trends and challenges faced by our clients in their market environments and help meeting their business needs.

The search for talented individuals is never an easy feat and it’s challenging, we go beyond executive search to provide Talent mapping and Talent Advisory services to complete the overall talent management strategy of an organization.

When it comes to finding the best candidate, you can count on The People At Work to help you as we have the deep insights and market knowledge to meet diverse needs of the organizations.

About the company:

The People At Work is one of the best executive search company in Asia pacific. Using their advantage as experienced recruiters, they have matched talents for companies in Asia according to their executive requirements. For more information, visit

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