Chronic, Acute and Cancer pain seized by The Pain Specialists’ expert pain management treatment


The Pain Specialist, a therapeutically advanced company specializing on pain management treatments, provides services to help patients manage pain. The company have devised and designed techniques and medical approaches on different kinds of pain such as Chronic, Acute and Cancer pain. The Pain Specialist used their expertise, latest treatments, and operative techniques for the management of different painful body conditions.

The company utilized every possible means to create holistic solutions for different kinds of pain caused by different illnesses in the body. From the least serious headaches to the most severe pain caused by Cancer or other illnesses.

The consolidated efforts, expertise, and knowledge of Dr Yeo Sow Nam, the Director Anaesthetist & Interventional Pain Specialist and consultant Dr Alvin Yeo have provided treatments for a list different kinds of pain patients usually complain. Nonetheless, it has been summarized by the three treatments for the three most common types of pain in a human body.

The Pain Specialist potted the whole information with the three kinds of pain and the corresponding treatments to be endorsed and recommended. This is embodied into the summarized information guide of the company indicated below:

Various state of the art advanced regional anaesthesia techniques, to alleviate all pain from surgeries, trauma and injuries, and to enable very early mobility of patients to improve outcome and avoid problems of prolonged bed rest.

Example: Continuous Femoral Catheter for Total Knee Replacement (Presented in AAOS’05, Washington DC, accepted for publication)

Modern concepts of pre-emptive, preventive and protective analgesia and multi-modal analgesia maximized.

State of the art therapy for all common aches and pains eg: Headaches, Low Back Pain, Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain, Nerve Pain(eg: Postherpes neuralgia), Arthritis

Detailed investigative procedures carried out to evaluate the various cause for pain prior to management

Latest technologies and approaches from US, Europe and Australia utilised. Interventions include various fluoroscopic guided epidural and nerve sleeve injections, sympathetic blocks, vertebroplasty, discogram for diagnosis, percutaneous neucleoplasty, radio frequency lesioning, cryotherapy, and implant of spinal cord stimulator.

Acupuncture and physician directed pain management cognitive behavioural therapy are also offered when indicated.

Pain must not be endured especially in Cancer. The minimum any cancer patient deserves is pain relief.

From Nerve Blocks to desensitisation to state of the art implants (eg. computerised implantable pump) to alleviate pain, we relieve pain without the use of high doses of morphine and therefore avoid the side effects of these drugs.

A State of the Art Approach to Pain Management (For Patients and the Public)
Pain can be effectively controlled and managed in most instances with the current advances of science, the prolonged use of painkillers and unnecessary suffering may be avoided. THE PAIN SPECIALIST offers the expertise and state-of-the-art capabilities to diagnose, evaluate and treat your particular type of pain.

Our approach provides a comprehensive treatment program utilizing traditional and alternative modalities. Dr. Yeo practices pain management exclusively on a full-time basis. He performs all types of spinal injections, including lumbar, thoracic, and cervical. He employs the latest techniques in pain management, including discography, IDET, nucleoplasty, pulsed and heat radio frequency, cryolesioning, spinal cord stimulators and spinal infusion pumps, prolotherapy, and botulinum toxin injections.

We use a multi-modal mechanistic approach, which means that a team of specialists with diverse expertise works with you and your primary care physician or specialist to determine the most appropriate treatment.

The company has indeed maximized the conventional, customary, and emotional capability of the patients to create a formula of a pain reliever that doesn’t just use medical practice but also the capacity of the mind to control physical conditions.

About The Pain Specialist:
The Pain Specialist is a therapeutically advanced company specializing on Low back pain, Neck Pain, Lumbar and cervical radiculopathy, Headache, Facial pain, Reflex sympathetic dystrophy, Cancer pain, Neuropathic pain and other body pains through a treatment that educates its patients on the their ability to deal with pain. The doctors and physicians of the Pain Specialist can help patients Keep pain at a tolerable level to alleviate unnecessary suffering; Increase your independence;reduce the restrictions of daily living;improve your sense of well-being and control over pain and the likes.To find out more, visit:

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