Classical Realism Singapore offers Art Classes for Kids


Parents nowadays have their kids signed up for many enrichment classes and more than often, the kids may feel stress due to the workload they have to handle. However, not all enrichment classes are stressful, rather, they are catered towards the interest of the children themselves.

Art is an interest that can train the mind of kids to focus and be patient for it is a form of expression through graphics such as drawing and painting. Parents may feel that art is an expensive form of interest but as offers, children can pick up art classes for competitive rates.

Instead of focusing on the monetary gains, head art coach, Mr. Clayton Hudnall, a renowned American commissioned artist, focuses on imparting his skills to the next generation. There are aplenty of knowledge to gain from art classes and with many feedbacks from parents, there have been drastic improvements not only with the child’s character but also performance in academics.

Art offers kids a change to exhibit their creativity, not minding on how people see them and can express themselves without reservation. Pushing kids out of their usual thinking box can create more ideas and refresh their knowledge.

Art classes for kids in Singapore are not hard to find and with the online resources that offers such as their class schedules, parents can now arrange accordingly without fear of disrupting their daily routine. Parents can look through the portfolio of the art teacher before making a decision, so that they can have an idea of the teaching style and what their kids are learning. They are also welcome to join in lessons with their children to understand how their kids behave and learn in the art classes.

About the company:

Classical Realism Singapore is an art studio specializing in teaching traditional methods of drawing and painting. They offer a wide variety of art lessons for all ages and believe that proper training and technique can help students to achieve their artistic goals. For more information, visit

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