Clean Room Installation


When it comes to clean room installation, there are basically two commonly used methods of building. Traditional methods require hiring a contractor who will then build the clean room onsite. This method is quite common and has been used for years. Unfortunately, there are several problems that come with building on- site. First and foremost is that this process is incredibly intrusive and distracting. Hauling in all the raw materials takes up space, and a host of installation workers will be coming and going from your facility.

On top of all this is the added frustration through displacement. Depending on where the controlled environment will be built, workers may need to find temporary offices and production may need to be stopped while the clean room is built. These things often lead to hidden costs as productivity is lowered during this time.

Modular installation offers a great alternative to traditional building methods. Fabricated in an offsite factory, modular components are skilfully built by craftsmen. This process is environmentally friendly using sustainable resources and recycling excess materials like paper, aluminium and steel. Once the components are completed they are carefully loaded onto a flatbed truck where they are secured for the journey to the build location.

Traditional methods of installation require an army of skilled parties to complete the projects. To get a controlled environment completed with traditional methods of installation you may need framers, electricians, carpenters, and many others. Having this collection of workers come and go from your facility can disrupt the work day and it can be very distracting.

With modular installation there is no need for a large group of subcontractors to complete the job; rather, a small team of installers can readily install a modular clean room. Since most of the heavy lifting is done off- site, the installers can assemble and complete your clean room onsite in nearly half the time it would take with traditional methods. This leads to a process that is far less intrusive, is completed incredibly quickly, and is made with the highest quality.

In conclusion, modular clean rooms offer a ton of upsides that will make constructing your critical environment a painless and easy project. Do some research and find a modular installation company that meets your company’s values. Remember that by choosing modular installation, you’ll be able to complete your clean room faster, save money, and use environmentally friendly building methods.

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