Cloth.ier introduces JiXiang Zhai to bring customers more oriental clothing options


Clothier offers wedding cheongsam in SingaporeCheongsams or qipaos in the 21st century are no longer what we had in mind, the type of sixties clothing that was worn by Maggie Cheung in “In the Mood for Love”.  Modern cheongsams are now made from a large variety of materials such as chiffon, lace, polyester, faux fur and so on to create different layers and textures to enrich visual and touch experience. As western clothing is becoming the ultimate clothing choice for casual and work wear, it is also creating a niche area for oriental inspired clothing to make its own name among the T-shirts and blouses.

Cloth.ier has been producing ready-made oriental themed wear since 2004, offering more options of cheongsam wear to the Singaporean market. JiXiang Zhai was added to their portfolio in order to expand the collection of graceful and elegant cheongsam dresses. Based in China with over 100 outlets, JiXiang Zhai features a relatively classic taste on its clothes genre but with a slight infusion of western elements in their designs. In comparison of style, Cloth.ier brings east into the west, while JiXiang Zhai fuses the west into east.

Cloth.ier currently offers both practical, everyday traditional and modern cheongsam wear. The traditional wear features soft and gentle motifs like a peony, plum blossom, and chrysanthemum while the fabric colours are mostly natural colours. Their modern cheongsam collection on the other hand features bold and bright strokes of colours, intricate exotic designs and fusion of styles. Their new cheongsam dresses fit the wearer’s top and waist, showing off their sleek physique while complementing it with a flowy skirt at the bottom. Customers can also buy cheongsam tops that goes well with trousers or long skirts from Cloth.ier, making it a suitable piece for mix and match of styles.

JiXiang Zhai on the other hand features oriental wear that are more grand and showy. The lookbooks on Cloth.ier’s website features gowns and dresses that are made to stun crowds at events. They are good in using fabric layers to create mystic and royal styles, mixing it with rather simple embroidery and accessories, giving its qipaos a very clean and straightforward appeal. Their luxurious and upscale designs are made for those who are fashionable and also well-off. It is a pretty splendid collection to look at especially when customers are looking for unique wedding cheongsam options.

If the customers are looking forward to add an oriental twist to their wardrobe without wanting to search for Cloth.ier’s outlets outside, they can also order their cheongsam online from Cloth’ier’s E-store. Cloth.ier’s catalogue has detailed descriptions of their clothing and also zoom in features to enable customers to have a good look at the details of their cheongsam.


Cloth.ier is a company that sells oriental themed ready-made outfits that is suited for modern women’s lifestyle. Not only can customers get these cheongsam designs from Cloth.ier counters and outlets in various Singapore department stores, it is also available on Cloth.ier’s E-store. For more details, check out

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