Cloth.ier Puts Its Own Modern Twist on the Traditional Cheongsam


Singapore cheongsam online storeFor all you ladies out there, when thinking about getting a Chinese traditional costume, be it for a festive celebration or other events, what do you look for? Having worn the usual traditional styled cheongsam countless times, why not try something a little different?

Cloth.ier showcases its own spin on the cheongsam dress to give a modern look while retaining the cheongsam’s classic feel. While Cloth.ier’s cheongsam designs and styles do reflect those of the classic cheongsam, Cloth.ier brings in modern elements to give customers its own touch of individuality.

Featuring many elegant cheongsam dresses and qipaos in Cloth.ier’s own unique collection, customers can see the creativity and thought put into each design. The company’s website indeed displays a wide array of modern cheongsams and qipaos in its Lookbook section. Under the section, displayed are many beautiful photographs showing how Cloth.ier incorporates modern fashion into the traditional costume.

For the cheongsam and qipaos available on Cloth.ier’s E-store, various elegant styles are combined with different floral patterns. Some of these are the small flower, khoki flower, cream flower, lime red, and blue denim styles. In addition, customers can choose from a selection of materials for the qipaos such as cotton linen with jade beads or cotton with handmade buttons. Printed sleeveless qipaos are also available.

Cloth.ier also provides customers with accessories that are suitable to go with the modern cheongsam. Shawls with Chinese motifs and of varying colours such as khaki/brown, green black and red are shown. Other accessories available are necklaces made with jadeite, jadeite beads, and onyx. These are specially made by Cloth.ier to give that extra touch to bring out the beauty of the Chinese qipaos.

Looking for something unique and of quality which is reasonably priced? Cloth.ier boasts a wide selection of special buys for its cheongsam ranging from 50% to 70% off. Besides having available V-neck and sleeveless designs, Cloth.ier makes various cool and trendy qipaos which they have specially hand-picked as their recommended special buys. With styles such as black white, white maroon, and purple check, Cloth.ier delivers the most modern of looks which would not disappoint.

Indeed, Cloth.ier seeks to provide modern ladies with oriental-themed, ready to wear cheongsams and qipaos that showcase how far the company can go in bringing the classic and modern together. Cloth.ier does not limit itself to sharing its ideas in promoting modern cheongsams solely in Singapore, but its online E-store makes it possible to reach an even wider, more international audience. With that, Cloth.ier provides a platform in which everyone, even outside of Singapore, can see the beauty of a modern style of Chinese traditional costumes such as the qipao.

So, for all you ladies out there looking for Chinese traditional costumes with a twist, Cloth.ier has all you need. Your friends are guaranteed to be impressed the next time they see you wearing something traditional, and yet modern at the same time.

About Cloth.ier:

Cloth.ier was started and launched by Yapi Pte Ltd back in January 2004. It has since opened a number of different outlets and counters in various department stores. Cloth.ier specialises in making oriental-theme, ready-to-wear Chinese traditional costumes with its own twist.

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