Cold storage is useful for your business regardless its sizes


Mandai Link logistics offer a wide range of cold rooms, to meet your needs regardless its sizes of business simultaneously provide a solid cold chain logistics solutions. Our range comes with innovative features that will facilitate your business process. You can pick freezer storage, chiller storage as well as Aircon storage for your perishable items. Our temperature controlled coolers are designed to handle perishable goods such as dairy food, ice cream, vegetables, and chicken.

Mandai Link logistics also serve as in transit facility for goods before proceeding to its final destination. The spoilage of food can be prevented, where fresh raw materials is perfectly frozen with a low temperature. Hence, it is significant to know which kind of temperature suits your products or goods. This to ensure your products is well kept in the frozen for a long period.

Products like fresh meat needs rigid temperature control as well as to ensure maximum longevity. This is significant as fresh foods need a proper procedure and in line with food safety requirements. At Mandai Link logistics we will ensure you adhere the safety requirements to avoid your perishable items being contaminated. With a proper care, we will ensure your products are safe and maintain its freshness. Our cold room storage is fully equipped, and we have adopted a Permatec System that maintains a high nitrogen and low oxygen environment. Our operations are also backed up by generators that would help and ease your hurdles of your business. Our freezer storage which equipped at 30m- high cold room which is Singapore’s largest automated cold room.

As an added advantage, our cool storage is entirely sealed and monitored – You can rely heavily on them. Simply choose the temperature of your choice, it will work as it is. With automated system at our cold store, would drastically reduce the cost of energy and operational costs.

Mandai Link Logistics is striving for its excellence service, thus we have expanded our cooperation in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. To pursuit the success, our aim is to being a well known player in the cold chain in Asia. We are committed to attain customer satisfaction, thus constantly seek your feedback to enhance our services. We are dedicated, passionate team that would give the best services and help you regardless any circumstances.

About the company: Mandai Link Logistics provide advanced cold chain logistics solutions to solve our customers plight in terms of any circumstances related in the food industry. View our full range of cold rooms, and freezer rooms that cater any type of perishable items. For more information, please visit

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