The Complete Play Materials for Your Child



september-magazine-httpswww-merrybubs-comAre you thinking of setting up a play area for your little one? Or perhaps you’d like to update a couple of items in your baby’s exploration area. Then you’ll definitely find what you’ll need at Merrybubs. With their bean bag, play mat, play ball and bean bag selections, your little one will be constantly on his or her feet to explore and get creative at play time. Let your precious one have the time of his or her life with Merrybubs’ items today.

Allow a safe space with your play yard

If you’re looking for a play yard in Singapore, Merrybubs has a selection of flexible mats which you can choose from. These are available in Wide and Grand sizes which have respective dimensions at 200 x 140 cm and 220 x 140 cm. You can choose among their ranges of colors, from Coco, Lollipop, Rainbow, Rose Garden and up to Vitamin.

Most importantly, the play yard should keep your child safe from falls and slips onto hard floors since it’s fully padded.The units from Merrybubs are also flexible enough to be laid out to function as mats.

Have bumper mats for your baby to sleep on

For parents who are more concerned about their little ones’ safety while crawling, they can invest on sets of bumper mats. They may then be transformed into play yards, where walls can be placed to create ball pits. The same mats may also be connected to additional sets, so an expanded play area would be possible. You can choose among the Coco, Lollipop, Rainbow, Rose Garden and up to Vitamin colors which they regularly carry.

Make play dates extra exciting with play balls

Who wouldn’t want to move around in a space filled with fun, multi-colored balls? Merrybubs sells two types of play balls at 200 and 100 pieces each. These are also respectively priced at $79 and $55. They’re toxic free and made of polyethylene material. You can also pick from 58 and 70 mm-diameter balls, or you can opt for both sizes so your child will have more chances of fun in tinkering about them.

Allow for rest areas with bean bags

A bean bag would also be a must if you’d like to place a rest station near the play area. Merrybubs has a line of foldaway bean bags which are available in Lollipop, Rainbow and Rose Garden colors. These are priced at $69 and they’re guaranteed safe. It has been tested by a certification company, SGS, to ensure your little one will be safely resting on your chosen bean bag.

About Merrybubs

Merrybubs is a retailer which focuses on play materials for kids. Founded by a mum as well, the company ensures safety and affordability would be the qualities which will be applied on all the items it carries. If you’d also like to make the most of your budget, it would be good if they have 1 + 1 and Bundle Deals which you can seize.



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