What Comprises a Four Star Hotel Ranking?


The star classification is often given to different products and services for ranking. This can be applied to movies, restaurants, books, and hotels. The star rating for any hotel is an indication of its being luxurious. This star rating is given by an independently assessed system that has something to do with the facilities found in the hotel. Facilities that are assessed and rated include the following: location and view, rooms, entertainment areas, food services, fitness centers, and other extra amenities.

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What to expect from a four star hotel Singapore

Four-star hotel Singapore rank indicates a notch lower than the luxurious five star hotel. This is an indication that the hotel has first class accommodation. It should have all the facilities and amenities of a three star hotel; but being four star rated, a hotel is expected to have more extra amenities such as longer reception services, seats in the lobby, and 24-hour phone access.

Four-star hotel food service should include breakfast buffet or a breakfast menu card. The hotel usually has an ala carte restaurant as well.

What to find in a four star hotel?

A room in a four star hotel should include a minibar or beverages that are available through room service at any time of the day. The room should also have an upholstered chair if not a couch and a side table to go with it.

There could also be some personal extras in the room such as bath robe or slippers when requested. It may also have a vanity mirror and some toiletries and cosmetic items like nail file, shower cap, and some cotton swabs. The room should also have internet connection and an internet terminal.

4 star hotels may also have superior labels. Having a superior flag would signify that the hotel is first class and that is of high standards all throughout. It should also be able to provide extra amenities like sauna and a gym.

Every now and then there are mystery guests who visit the hotel to find out if the rating is accurate and if standards are maintained. Regular feedbacks from guests of the hotel can also aid in the assessment.

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