Computer forensics, an integral part to any company


IT is one of the most popular and in demand jobs in Singapore, when you think about IT support its maintenance and repairs for servers and computers.

IT is more than that

But IT is not just that, it’s a very vast function, so vast that there are so many courses and sub courses. Hard ware and software IT courses are separated in two and below them (like roots) are various IT courses for hardware and software.

One of the roots in the IT software is and probably not that people know about and only a few take are computer forensics courses, not all people know about this or if it even existed, and if you ask some non-IT people about the course they will just tell you “computer forwhat?”, you can’t blame them though but this branch in IT is as much as important as any other, and probably to some companies it’s one of the most important functions especially to companies that are very conscious about privacy and information that are in and out of the hat training

Like what it was defined, computer forensics is like the CSI of the computer world, but not too much CSI where they go to a crime scene, computer forensics is more in investigation, integrity and defense not just in the computer but the whole system, the servers and networks. If you are a big corporation with a lot of data from customers and company info that are classified you want it to be protected at all times and away from potential threats. Because if you are in the top of your game many people will try to bring you down, many people will try to hack you for many reasons and any one of those being successful will be the big slap in your face and can potentially  break your company. It comes to the point of making it as a priority and who could have thought that these very high function and responsibility can all be done by a computer forensic.

Getting the best teacher

These things are highly specialized, and if you want to have a future in such a course then you need to undergo the course and you need to have the best institution to teach you. This is very critical because if you have a very strong foundation then you have a bigger chance to succeed and what better people to teach you than Comat. If you want the best then get the best and nothing says the best than Comat.

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