Consolidated Has All You’ll Need in Cleaning Equipment


Consolidated Singapore offers cleaning equipmentsEvery establishment certainly deserves to be and stay squeaky clean. A neat office also means your employees will stay healthy since they’ll be less exposed to germs and bacteria.

And what better way to ensure you’ll have the stocks and equipment to maintain the cleanliness of your office, than to partner up with Consolidated? As a top supplier of cleaning equipment, supplies and services, they’ll ensure you’ll have a healthy working environment for years to come.

Top-tier cleaning chemicals

Consolidated has Floor Cleaners, Degreasers, Disinfectants, Deodorizers, Hand Cleaners and Soaps, Floor Polishers and Sealers, Industrial Specialties and Carpet Care supplies. Each of these cleaning categories further has a number of selections which should make up a complete system for your building. This means, you’ll no longer need to separate source out a vacuum cleaner in Singapore or even as simple as a hand soap since you can have them in a whole cleaning package.

Heavy duty vacuum cleaners

Throughout the course of your business activities, it would be necessary for you to find a reliable line of vacuum cleaners in Singapore. Consolidated both has Dry, and Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners. These can effectively take out dirt, and a number of them are perfect for daily cleaning sessions.

The Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner would be perfect if you’ll need to clean specific areas of your establishment, whether they would be indoors or outdoors. They can also clean dry, damp or liquid debris. These should be great if you’ll need sets of all-around vacuum equipment.

Autoscrubbers are perfect for concrete floors

If you also run a warehouse and you’d like to keep your floors clean, you’ve got the floor auto scrubbers to rely on. Ride-On Auto Scrubbers are also ideal, especially when you’d like to increase your cleaners’ productivity. With a couple of maneuvers, a wide area may already be covered. See how these can fit your space by asking about its specifications from Consolidated’s representatives.

A set of dedicated services

To make sure you’ll make the most of your purchased products and equipment, it would be necessary to fully understand how they fully work. This is why Consolidated also has a training service, so customers can be better acquainted when it comes to the pieces which they recently purchased. They also provide technical assistance and product repairs throughout the course of using a set of equipment.

By providing constant trainings on equipment know-how’s customers who’ll turn into actual users will use items which can clean effectively. They can also save on the time and costs of their cleaning sessions, plus prolong the life of their chosen equipment.

About Consolidated

Consolidated is Singapore’s manufacturer and distributor of cleaning products. For companies who’ll need to have a go-to and all-in-one cleaning provider, they’d be delighted to know how selected items are available with tax deductions. To know more about the company, their products and services, you may visit their site at

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