Cool and green: Cool World Aircon offers its environment friendly mitsubishi electric Starmex air conditioner


Jalan Kilang Timor, Singapore – With its tag line, “Looking toward a greener future”, Mitsubishi aircon sure has expressly show how cooling comfort can now be environment friendly to help preserve the environment that gives us home to exist. Mitsubushi aircon innovates comfort without the harm of destroying the environment. Moreover, Mitsubishi aircon is the manufacturer of the world’s first wall-mounted split air conditioner.

Mitsubishi is also said to be the no. 1 energy saving at the leading edge of air conditioning technology. The expertise of the company has lead them in creating a product that is functional but energy efficient at the same time. These products also gained an “Excellent” energy efficiency rating from Singapore Mandatory energy labelling scheme. The technical refinements has also improved EER (energy efficiency ration) levels to reduce energy consumption in its operation. The use of eco-friendly R410A refrigerant all the series to create a natural environment in the room of a house giving the exact same comfort using safe technological alternatives.

Furthermore, the product mentioned above has other features that can assure clients and customers that innovation driven by energy efficiency does not lower the quality of an air conditioning unit. It is in fact a contributing feature for an optimum performance at a lower cost. Thus, providing pioneering impact for energy and quality advancements.

Mitsubishi electric aircon is easy to clean. This is one of the features of the air conditioner as it has reachable inner vent to remove all the accumulated dust and dirt in a way that is stress-free. There is no need to disassemble the critical part since it has already been created to take away the hassle of cleaning its vents. Thus, “the wide air outlet makes cleaning easy, always keeping your room clean and fresh.”

The “Easy clean” feature of the Mitsubishi aircon can help owners perform such activities more often which will can eliminate odours, prevent mold, and have long lasting high performance and economical energy cost. Saving up and basic maintenance has then made easy with Mitsubishi aircon leaving your budget to the more important aircon services, aircon repair and other maintenance.

Mitsubishi aircon has indeed took a step forward in operating quality air conditioners which also earth friendly as it protects the environment while giving comfort to its owners. Hence, a technological advancement not only for humans but for the environment as well as “they look forward to a greener future”.

About the Cool World Aircon:

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