Cool World Aircon exhibits its Daikin aircon service promotion


Jalan Kilang Timor, Singapore – Cool World Aircon offers Daikin aircon service to its valued clients and customers providing them with more options among the other brands such as Mitsubishi aircon, Panasonic aircon, Toshiba aircon, Europace aircon, Samsung aircon, LG aircon, Midea aircon, York aircon, Fujitsu aircon, and TLC portable aircon.

“We provide the best aircon installation material and workmanship for our customer to prolong their air conditioning lifespan.”

“The Daikin multi split aircon allows a single and compact outdoor unit to be connected to multiple indoor units. This allows you to make more efficient use of available space in the installation location and prevents cluttering of the exterior.” The company has mentioned the distinct feature of the brand which will help customers in selecting the most appropriate product for them.

There are other features of Daikin aircon that Cool World aircon exhibited in order to guide buyers and customers in buying air conditioner in Singapore.

First, the brand has a wide variety of stylish indoor unit. Daikin Aircon offers different designs that can fit to the interior of various homes, rooms, and indoor areas alike. Daikin aircon also has the highest energy efficiency rating gaining 4 tick energy label.

Another feature of the brand is its high quality clean air with titanium apatite photocatalytic air-purifying filter which can effectively absorb and decompose barteria, viruses, impurities such as dust and cigarette smoke. Moreover, it has mould-proof operation which can prevent generation of mould and odour that can be harmful to the health of the people inhaling the cool air from the aircon unit.

With the quiet sound levels feature of Daikin Aircon, clients are able to get rid of the hassle in sleeping from the inevitable noise made by the other aircon units. A noiseless unit is now available from the technological advancements of the brand.

An intelligent eye which can control air conditioner operation according to human movement in a room using infrared sensors is also included in the list of innovative features of Daikin aircon. It is an evident alternative for remote controls and manual buttons used in air condition units.

Lastly, the aircon unit from Daikin has a night set mode that can prevent excessive cooling for pleasant sleep where room temperature is raised by 0.5 degree Celsius after 60 minutes of cooling operation.

These features have shown how Daikin Aircon has provided solutions even for the little details of home comfort especially with sleep. Daikin Aircon innovated aircon servicing to its finest.

About the Cool World Aircon:

Cool World Aircon is an established aircon servicing company / contractor based in Singapore that specializes in various aircon services. The company have well trained personnel, technicians, and experts in different brands of aircon service and aircon repair for both residential and commercial premises. Our services include aircon installation, chemical cleaning, yearly maintenance contract and more. They provide excellence and professionalism in rendering aircon services to residential and commercial clients. To find out more, visit:

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