Cool World Promotes Mitsubishi Air Cons


Always true to its reputation as Singapore’s leading aircon servicing company, Cool World Aircon is now also promoting quality air conditioning systems from Mitsubishi.  This is certainly good news for people in Singapore who wish to own such units.  Apparently, Mitsubishi is one of the world’s best brands even when it comes to AC systems.  It has chosen well when it decided to partner with Cool World in providing people with access towards its own array of AC systems.  This has been received warmly by thousands of Singaporean homeowners and office managers who wish to have a cooler home and workplace respectively.

The AC systems from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are known for the many features that have pleased its current and prospective users. One of the key feature is the fan of the air conditioning unit.  It has an anti-microbial capabilities. Just by the fan alone, the AC system can prevent the spread of diseases in the room where it is installed. Its anti-microbial treatment method discourages the growth of molds and germs.  This is the reason why the AC system by Mitsubishi guarantees that there will be no bad odor emitted.  Aside from this, the function is meant to be safe and clean.

The usual problem of an aircon system is that it may produce too much positive ions.  This makes possible for people to experience a degree of electrical charge. However, the Mitsubishi air conditioning system does not generate much positive ions. Instead, it is guaranteed to produce negative ions. In fact, it can continue to produce such negative ions round the clock. Even when the air conditioning is turned off, it may still generate negative ions. The amount of which is similar to that produced by a forest.  This makes the operation of the AC very environmentally-friendly and safe for people.

Another very important feature of the Mitsubishi is that it has the capability of cleaning itself. After being in operation for a couple of hours, the unit just automatically cleans itself. By doing this, it effectively removes any possibility molds growing inside the room where the AC is installed. The machine is automatically dried up too.  However, the user may have the option of not allowing this to happen without his intervention.  He can simply adjust the settings just in case, he does not want the air conditioning system go to a stop by itself and without his consent.

About Cool World Aircon:

Cool World Aircon is a Singapore-based company that specializes in aircon servicing. Aside from servicing air conditioning systems of different brands, it also encourages and promotes various leading brands. The company, since it was established, has been serving the thousands of homeowners and office managers in Singapore with expert care of AC systems. Aside from servicing and selling aircon units and systems, it also installs these and made sure of their maintenance. Manned by very competent air conditioning system technicians, it has never failed to please its growing list of customers.  For more information, visit

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