Corporate Gifts Rank High in Brand Recognition| Graphic Direction Offers Competitive Pricing Scheme on All Items


Recognizing the need for better brand awareness strategies, Graphic Direction now gives companies more opportunities to strengthen marketing initiatives through promotional products.

Companies have been using promotional products for marketing and advertising throughout the years. However, with the onslaught of the digital age, there have been debates whether they are still as effective as credited for.

The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) completed a series of surveys and studies to support the relationship of improved brand recognition to the use of promotional products. More importantly, there are sufficient numbers to back up that it can also still increase company sales. This eventually leads to returns on investment.

According to the study and from the 15,000 respondents surveyed, the following are the key findings:

  • 66% of participants said that they can remember the brand on the promotional item when received within one year’s time.
  • The ROI offered by business gifts or promotional products provided preferable returns on investment compared to the results yielded by outdoor advertising and radio.
  • ROI from promotional products can be competitive to those yielded by print and TV.
  • 79% of the respondents expressed wanting to do business again with the company.
  • Most participants (87%) owned or kept the items beyond one year.
  • About half (56%) claimed that their perception of the company improved after they received the promotional item.

From the surveys, some of the most popular items include mugs, pens, USB drives and eletrical items. This offers businesses several different ways to reach out to target customers and promote brand awareness effectively.

Graphic Direction offers a diverse range of promotional items to suit businesses across industries. These items include daily use components, drink ware, eco friendly products, electronic & gadgets, key holders, leather products, metal pens, multi function pens, namecard holder, plastic pens, promotional bags, stationery, travel gifts and USB computer accessories.

Graphic Direction’s promotional services offer competitive pricing with daily use components like thumb drive metal ball pens starting at SGD $25.9 per 100 pieces, drink ware such as drink bottles starting at SGD $3.5 and eco friendly products like recycled note pad and pen starting at SGD $1.8.

Tech components like metal phone stand start at SGD $2.7 per 100 pieces whereas USB flash drives start at SGD $15.83 per 100 pieces. Discounts are available for larger quantities. Transport and delivery are made within seven days. Graphic Direction offers customized productions for larger volumes and additional requirements. The company’s website offers a detailed pricing list of the product categories.

About Graphic Direction:
Graphic Direction Pte Ltd is a leading corporate gifts supplier in Singapore since 1983. The company specializes in a range of printing applications such as T-Shirts printing, Polo Tees Printing, Corporate Gifts Printing, Non-Woven Bags Printing and Promotional Bags Printing.From door gifts in Singapore to other unique items, the company has one of the largest corporate gifts stock lists in the region. For more information, see:

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