Cotton Planet helps clients establish professional image through their corporate uniforms


customised-corporate-shirtsCorporate uniforms of a company is highly symbolic as its uniformity and neat angled designs speaks professionalism. It is a piece of clothing that is suitable to be worn for all formal corporate events where everyone from the company shares the same identity. It can also be worn to other events by someone who is representing the corporation as the customised corporate shirts are easily recognised due to its uniqueness.

As these shirts are custom made to suit the profile of the company, a good clothing supplier in Singapore should be appointed to do the job. Cotton Planet has been endorsed by various big and small corporations for their high quality workmanship in the custom corporate uniforms for over twenty years in the industry. The corporate shirts are made of durable and comfortable fabrics with customisable embroidery that are very well stitched on. A wide array of colours and shirt designs are available for choosing, so if there is nothing that meets the eye, they are also able to provide customised designs for you.

Cotton Planet is a renowned clothing supplier in Singapore that also manufactures t-shirts, work uniforms, tunics, kindergarten school uniforms and corporate pants. Their extensive array of products could very well cater towards the need for event t-shirts in outdoor or sporting events of the company. The designs for these kind of shirts are available in silk printing and also heat transfers as well, leaving the company more choices in hand to create their eye-catching and identifiable event shirts.

The experience of ordering customised corporate shirts from Cotton Planet is seamless and smooth based on the testimonials given by their customers. Not only are they well-versed in guiding their clients in picking out the right fabrics and colours for their corporate uniforms, they are very speedy from producing designs to delivering the products as well. This is made possible as the people who are working at Cotton Planet are experts in the industry that understands fully on what their client needs in that particular workplace.


Cotton Planet is a reputable clothing supplier in Singapore that has been in the industry for over 20 years, providing trustable services to various large and small companies all over Singapore. Not only do they provide services on making custom corporate uniforms, they also supply customised t-shirts, work uniforms, kindergarten uniforms and safety vests to various service sectors in Singapore. Their extensive selection over types of fabrics, colours and embellishments gives their clients a lot to choose from in creating their own clothing that speaks up of their image and identity. Their experiences and their expertise makes them one of the best clothing suppliers in Singapore as they fully understand the aesthetics, safety, and comfort that needs to be in a piece of clothing for any type of purpose.

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