Cotton Planet Provides an In Depth Sizing Guide to Their Customers


Cotton Planet makes sure that the clothing that you buy from their stores fits your size perfectly with in depth sizing guide that is available for access and viewing directly at their website.

It is such a huge inconvenience when the clothes that you order online arrive only to notice that it is not able to fit your size well. As such, this leads to a wasted purchase since wearing these types of clothing leads to a huge amount of discomfort. Cotton Planet shares the same sentiments with regards to finding the perfect size of clothing. They are known t shirt supplier Singapore which specializes in customized tee shirts Singapore providing tons of options with the products that they provide.

Cotton Planet is able to cater to a wide variety of audience in terms of size and shape with custom t shirt Singapore. The sizing guide that they provide gives customers a clear overview on what sizes to expect and are available with custom shirts Singapore. This in turn, decreases the likelihood of finding shirt unmatched size by a huge margin. This is a very much welcome daddition in the shirt supplier Singapore industry.

Finding a uniform supplier is vital when you start dealing with a considerable number of employees. Clothing manufacturer Singapore such as Cotton Planet is able to provide employees with their uniforms as well as their respective sizes for them to wear on a regular day to day basis at work.

This Singapore clothing manufacturer has different sizes available from small, medium, large, extra large to XXL. It is also quite easy to measure each sizes as these are displayed in their in depth size guide as well. As such, outfitting custom corporate uniforms to your employees becomes a much easier and hassle free task at Cotton Planet. Customised corporate shirts as its name implies, does become customizable not only with regards to its design but also with their shape.

Customized uniforms Singapore is sought after by a number of companies. Having the option to change the size of the clothing freely is a breath of fresh air with regards to clothing suppliers Singapore. Make sure to find the size that you are looking for as well as the ones you intend to outfit your employees. Check their in depth sizing guide out.

About Cotton Planet:
Established in 1995, Cotton Planet’s line of apparels are well suited for corporate uniforms, promotional wear and corporate gifts. Having smart and comfortable attire reinforces a business’ corporate identity and offers a boost to staff morale by generating a strong sense of belonging.

With a committed crew overseeing the production of every piece of work, the Cotton Planet® brand guarantees to deliver unique apparels on time and with uncompromising quality. Its philosophy is to work closely with customers to design and produce signature apparel that will boost their organization’s image with its own distinctive features and custom detailing. To find out more, visit

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