Cross-Cultural Marketing to Address Diverse Markets | Tissue Guru Introduces New Promotional Services in Singapore


As regions increasingly become melting pots of cultures, there is a need to change to traditional forms of marketing to cater to more diverse groups of consumers. Tissue Guru provides businesses the opportunity to promote their brands effectively to different types of consumers.

Cultural factors have been remained influential in the success of businesses and potential of competition. With the digital age eliminating geographical gaps, companies and brands are now more exposed to a more culturally diverse market. According to a report by Stanford Graduate School of Business, cultural biases affect the purchasing behavior of consumers when they process information in a spontaneous and cursory manner.

Immediate exposure to advertisements and other promotional materials bring out cultural biases among people. This also shows companies how best to position their marketing efforts depending on pace and level of brand awareness they want to achieve.

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More important, there is emphasis on the importance of companies developing strategies that can cater to differences in culture and demographics without exhausting resources. Developing total market approaches can help businesses position their brands in the best way possible. This expands the reach of the enterprise as far and as effective as possible.

Interestingly, shared set of ideas or perceived value can have an unwavering effect on how businesses communicate with their consumers. This is where cross-cultural marketing approaches come in. Regardless if the business is product or service-oriented, this type of marketing approach targets all possible demographics or cultures without undermining the results of the marketing efforts. The same idea supports the success of promotional initiatives like tissue advertising.

Tissue Guru understands the importance of developing promotional strategies and materials that can target a diverse market. Through its tissue advertising services, the company provides businesses the means to create brand awareness across different types of patrons.

Items like tissue stickers, wallets and packs remain relevant to all types of consumers. Men, women, children and families see tissue packs as useful commodities for their everyday, personal or sanitary needs. This gives businesses the unique opportunity to talk to potential consumers in a closer and more meaningful approach.

Tissue Guru’s services include cardboard tissue, tissue wallets and stickers on tissue packs. With turnaround times ranging from 5-9 days for cardboard tissue, 7-14 days for stickers and 21-30 days for tissue wallets, the company offers fast turnaround times so businesses can execute their marketing plans immediately and efficiently. Prices range from $0.25, $0.30 or $0.38 per piece. Products can be distributed conveniently because they are highly mobile.

At Tissue Guru, clients can reach their consumers and target patrons regardless of their interests and cultural background. The company can customize ads for specific locations and demographics.

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