Have Your Custom Fit Jeans from Creation Denims!


If you’re the type of shopper who would rather have uniquely made clothes rather than generic ones, then you’d be delighted by what Creation Denims has. It has a line of custom fit jeans, with elements which you can mix and match. With its combination of buttons, threads, materials and many other parts, you’ll surely find it much easier to express yourself with a perfectly personalized pair of jeans.

Pick your very own style

As you check out Creation Denims’ website, you will be choosing between two categories. Take your pick between the style of Men or Women. Each style comes in different colors and material combinations. You’ll also get to see how a piece will have percentages of cotton and denim. It would be advisable for you to pick a piece of custom jeans with stretch features, so you may easily wear and move in them especially during the busiest days.

Choose your buttons, thread and pockets

After choosing your very own silhouette and jean style, you may then pick the features and accessories which should complete the look of your custom fit jeans. Your thread style will make a difference on how your piece will look like, since its colors can serve as the outline of your piece.

For instance, you may pick a pair with a dark color and combine it with a strikingly bright-colored thread. You must also be sure your chosen combination would go well with your existing ensemble’s theme of colors. Your choice of buttons and pockets should further highlight your personality.

Be precise with your measurements

Creation Denims has an instructional video where you may further be guided on how to measure the aspects of your jeans. This should ensure your piece will fit you. Each measurement will have a video feature on the website, such as the Waist, Front Rise, Hip A, Hip B, Thigh, Inside Leg, Knee, Lower Leg, Leg Opening and Back Rise.

Read through the shipping terms

An especially customized pair of jeans does not necessarily translate to a price tag. In fact, Custom Denims throws in a discount for those who will be purchasing over one pair of jeans. The shipping terms will also depend on the area which you’re ordering from, so be sure to read about the lead time of your delivery.

It’s also good how Creation Denims allows for a Satisfaction Guarantee, so you may feel free to contact them if your piece was not designed as expected. This should fall within their 14-day purchase period.

About Creation Denims

Creation Denims believes each pair of jeans should precisely fit the unique needs of their customers. This is why their thrust of customization cascades in the every element of their ordering process. Buyers may even opt to replicate their favorite pieces, by choosing the elements which look like the original. The Australian owned company uses environmental friendly materials, along with items which should ensure a comfy, perfect fit to their shoppers. For more details about their selections, you may visit: http://www.creationdenims.com/.

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