Cyber Secure Asia and Digicert Inc. hand in hand: Partnership in cyber security


Singapore – Cyber security is in tight demand for industries such as e-commerce, financial, education, and government. It is therefore crucial to entrust such necessity at the same time utility to the brands with renowned credibility and ability to guarantee internet space protection from the developing and civilizing crimes of information and identity theft in the web.

With this, the capacity of two competent companies are fused in one solid security measure for companies who ensures that every information and transactions are kept between the company and the clients exclusively. Cyber Secure Asia which is a professional and expert in security certifications and solutions to companies joins with the brand that is trusted by over 115,000 customers around the world which is Digicert Inc.

Even organizations such as Facebook, Paypal all trust Digicert certificates to protect every single information exchanged from one party to another. The Digicert certificates thus can accommodate voluminous and continuous flow of information from all over the world competing with different precarious internet diversions.

“As a partner of Digicert Inc. – US based Certificate Authority (CA) – CSA offers Digicert’s high assurance security products in Secure Socket Layers (SSL), Code Signing, Document Signing, and SecureWifi Certificates.”

On the other hand, Cyber Secure Asia is trusted by clients with its high quality service and operation. Its expertise in Identity and Access Management with cutting edge measures is one of the key services for a strong security in the domains of the internet space.

Cyber space today is invaded with a crowd of hackers and information theft. It is not impossible that they can use their profound knowledge to use an individual’s own information against himself. Companies in the internet consequently grabs protection from the cyber guards programmed and designed by the companies with the right expertise that can surpass or at least by the same token prevent those cyber theft from taking confidential information and use it for a more serious crime against clients and customers company. Incidents like such can cause long term or could critically hurt a business in operation. Thus, companies cannot leave anything to chances and risky transactions everyday.

Various SSL certificates are available at Cyber Secure Asia. Digicerts is there to label the trusted protection for clients and customers to easily identify quality services and products. Therefore, it provides assurance to customers that the companies they trust are equally fulfilling their responsibility of protecting personal information from every transaction.

About the company:

Cyber Secure Asia (CSA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CyberTrust Japan, a pioneer in Japan’s security certification market for 20 years. CyberTrust Japan opens its first office in Singapore as Cyber Secure Asia (CSA) to offer professional expertise in security certifications and solutions to companies within South East Asia. Many clients, both big and small trust Cyber Secure Asia because of their high-quality service and operation. In a broad category of services that CSA provides, the company handles Identity and Access Management (IAM) using state-of-the-art Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology for businesses with an online presence. To find out more, visit:

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