Cyber Secure Asia Has the Code Signing Solutions You Need


SSL certificate in SingaporeIf your business is encouraging increased downloads for the benefit of your customers, you’ll definitely need to have a couple of Code Signing Solutions to ensure the security of your visitors from attacks such as viruses and malware. Aside from having a SSL certificate in Singapore, a Code Signing Certificate is exactly what you’ll need to further seal up the security of your visitors’ activities.

What is a Code Signing Certificate?

Cyber Secure Asia has the DigiCert Code Signing Certificate and what it does is to enable developers to digitally sign a program to give the assurance of virus-free software. With the Code Signing Certificate, developers and owners can avoid pop-ups on their visitors’ screens. They can avoid malware and suspicions since the certificate can already verify the safety of a piece which can be downloaded.

Compatibility with major platforms

Whether you’re using Adobe Air, Authenticode, OS X Apps, JAR Files, VBA Scripts for Office 2010 or Kernel Mode Drivers, you’ll be sure DigiCert’s Code Signing Solution will fit your requirements. You will also be getting the Digital Authentication for Trusted Software which means you can protect your signature code, hence your user’s confidence will also immensely increase. Since they know yours is a trusted site, they wouldn’t hesitate to get information through downloads.

Have your very own Encrypted Digital Signature

The DigiCert Code Signing Certificate provides an Encrypted Digital Signature to protect your signatures from being forged. This means as your signed documents get transferred, there’s no way for hackers to look into the document and commit malevolent actions towards it.

Gain an instant reputation with the Microsoft Smartscreen Filter

Upon signing up for Cyber Secure Asia’s Code Signing Certificate, you will be given the Microsoft Smartscreen Filter. Being a well-trusted and widely established brand, Microsoft can then be prominently operable in every related activity and transaction which you’ll be making. With this assurance, you’ll now be less worried of hesitations to download documents.

Affordable pricing with ultimate coverage

Cyber Secure Asia’s DigiCert Code Signing Certificates can be purchased at as low as S$  239 per year. For those who prefer extended validations, they can have the EV Code Signing Certificates at only S$439 per year. With these packages, online businesses may already expect full coverage and protection from malware pop-ups on the computer screens of their visitors. This should certainly be an effective step towards an increase of downloads among your potential customers or site visitors.

About Cyber Secure Asia

As a company which was initially founded in Japan, Cyber Secure Asia opened its operations in Singapore to provide high quality services in the Security Certification Market. They’ve been in business for over 20 years as they’ve provided their expertise for small and large businesses, with an expertise on Identity and Access Management (IAM). For more details, you may visit their website at Find out how the company can be of help for your security needs today.

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