Cyber Secure Asia Has What It Takes to Secure Your Business Network


Businesses around Southeast Asia are familiar with Cyber Secure Asia (CSA). It’s because it is the major provider of security certifications and solutions to different businesses in the region. What makes the company different is that it is aware of the pressing online certification needs of both small and big businesses. That’s the reason behind its broad category of certification and solutions from identity and Access Management (IAM) and also PKI or public key technology which is cutting edge technology for those that have online presence.

One more added perk of patronizing Cyber Secure Asia is that it is a legitimate partner of Digicert Inc. which is a US-based certificate authority or CA. That is why CSA is able to offer Digicert’s highly reliable certification products namely: Document Signing, Code Signing, Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and SecureWifi Certificates. You can never go wrong with CSA since it is a subsidiary and is wholly owned by Japan’s pioneering security certification market, CyberTrust Japan.

Simply put, just by having the Digicert seal on the client, online users already have an idea who they are dealing with. That is the whole point of business with certifications. One of the products offered by CSA is the SSL Certificate for encryption and authentication. The best feature of SSL is its flexibility. Whatever number of domain you need to secure or how many servers or what type of servers they may be, you can find options for SSL certification that you can find. With Digicert, you can have 30-day satisfaction guarantee and also an unlimited number of free reissues of the professional site seal.

Another product is the Code Signing Certificate solutions. Digital certificates seal off a program that it is free of third party malwares and also viruses and also that it is a legitimate software. With this certificate from Digicert, yo can veer off from unnecessary warning messages and this also instills trust on your online users. This will give them a guarantee that their download is safe.

You can also have your documents signed off by the DigiCert Document Signing Certificates. These are compatible with Adobe PDF, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and also the Microsoft Office. Digicert complies with the Singapore Electronic Transactions Act (Chapter 88) which makes the document signing certificate legally binding.

CSA also offers the SecureWifi Certificate as Digicert is one of only three certificate authorities authorized by Wi-Fi Alliance to provide it. Indeed, CSA is a one-stop shop when it comes to certification solutions.

About Cyber Secure Asia:
Cyber Secure Asia has gained prestigious reputation in the business of providing highly reliable and affordable network security solutions. Its main goal is to protect the interests and the overall security of users and different enterprises in the face of ever-changing technological products and systems. For information on its products and services, you may check its site:

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