Cyber Secure Asia Keeps Client’s Website Secured with Their Online Cyber Security


Not every website is considered safe and secured to its users and may lead to compromising private information to their customers. Cyber Secure Asia however, is able to help such dilemma by keeping their client’s website secured with their online cyber security.

Cyber Secure Asia understands how important online security is. One of the very first factors online users will notice with regards to a particular website is with their address bar. A green address bar is often shown and is one way of telling when a website is safe and secured. This is all thanks to the SSL Certificate that is provided by the likes of Cyber Secure Asia that websites are able to acquire the green https icon which is known as a protocol for secure communication over a computer network which is widely used on the Internet. SSL certificate Singapore works hand in hand with their clients to make sure the acquisition of the https protocol becomes effortless and secured.

Cyber Secure Asia also adds another addition to the green address bar which theis EV SSL certificate that helps add to that extra layer of security and authentication which both website owners and online users require. What this multi-domain SSL does is that it prominently displays a website or company name while at the same time provides highly visual assurance to customers that their site is indeed safe and secured. Cyber Secure Asia with their SSL multi domain does indeed make a different which results to immediately giving online users the much needed confidence to complete their transaction.

SSL certificate price at Cyber Secure Asia is something website owners need to invest in as they need to install ssl certificate especially when they are dealing with online credit card purchases. Without a digital certificate online users become reluctant to engage in transaction seeing how their private information can get compromised. SSL certificate authentication however, greatly reduces the likelihood of this from ever happening. As such, a huge number of online businesses take the extra efforts in acquiring wild card SSL and other related digicert today.

For any online businesses, you need to gain the trust of your customers. First impression is indeed lasting and customers being able to see the green address bar on first visit and glance really does go a long way in helping build customer relationship and trust. If you are managing an online business, make sure that you have ssl cert for your own at all times and you can get one at Cyber Secure Asia. For online users, always check the green address bar particular with regards to online business websites and those that ask for your personal information.

About Cyber Secure Asia:
Cyber Secure Asia (CSA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CyberTrust Japan, a pioneer in Japan’s security certification market for 20 years. CyberTrust Japan opens its first office in Singapore as Cyber Secure Asia (CSA) to offer professional expertise in security certifications and solutions to companies within South East Asia. Visit to find out more.

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