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There are internet spaces that needs to establish credibility and build trust toward their clients and customers. Transactions bear important and confidential information requiring stricter security where in access must be firmly selective. The necessity to acquire encryption and authentication. These takes the job on achieving data security and determining users and visitors for record keeping, monitoring and protection.

Cyber Secure Asia offers various DigiCert SSL certificates to protect and incorporate security measures for the company. This way, customers are assured that they are doing business with a company which protects important information making transactions credible and reliable as well.

“SSL Certificates from DigiCert are designed to meet whatever needs you may have”

Clients and customers in fortifying their websites with security can choose from different SSL certificates such as SSL Plus™ Certificate, EV SSL Plus™ Certificate, Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate, EV Multi-Domain Certificate, WildCard Plus™ SSL Certificate.

The most compatible certificate for a client will depend on the type web space the customer make use of. Moreover, there are other factors such as the server, and the function of the clients. Cyber Secure Asia provides for the brief description of their products for strong encryption and authentication.

  • SSL Plus™ Certificate

Encrypt and authenticate a single domain with DigiCert’s Single-name SSL Certificates, one of the best high assurance organization validation certificates in the market, backed by an extremely competitive price model. Get strong encryption and browser trust with unlimited reissues, unlimited duplicate certificates and an unlimited server license only with DigiCert. A SSL Plus™ certificate for ‘’ will also work on ‘’. Only DigiCert Certificates have all the features you expect plus more!

  • EV SSL Plus™ Certificate

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates use the highest level of authentication designed specifically with the intention to boost customer confidence in eCommerce sites. EV SSL Certificates initiate the green address bar and display a prominent secure lock (green padlock) to assure visitors of the site they visit.

  • Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate

Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificates secure up to 25 domains, sites and sub domains with one certificate. The basic multi-domain certificate plan includes four domains and additional domains can be purchased at a separate cost.

  • EV Multi-Domain Certificate

Extended Validation (EV) multi-domain SSL certificates combine Unified Communications (UC) Certificates/Subject

Alternative Name (SAN) Certificate with the ‘green bar of assurance’ & ‘green padlock’ to boost user confidence and enhance security.

  • WildCard Plus™ SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates for Unlimited Servers and Sub domains. Wildcard Certificates use Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to secure a domain and multiple sub domains.

Cyber Secure Asia extends assistance for clients who are having difficulty in finding the right SSL certificate for them. The company provides for useful information and advice for the clients to obtain the right certificate that will best serve their interest.

About the company:

Cyber Secure Asia (CSA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CyberTrust Japan, a pioneer in Japan’s security certification market for 20 years. CyberTrust Japan opens its first office in Singapore as Cyber Secure Asia (CSA) to offer professional expertise in security certifications and solutions to companies within South East Asia. Many clients, both big and small trust Cyber Secure Asia because of their high-quality service and operation. In a broad category of services that CSA provides, the company handles Identity and Access Management (IAM) using state-of-the-art Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology for businesses with an online presence. To find out more, visit:

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