Cyber Secure Asia has Setup Online Digital Store Front for Digital Certificates


Cyber Secure Asia makes purchase and integration of digital certificate seamless and fast with them setting up their online digital store front that is available today.

Cyber Secure Asia values the time their customers spent over their website. The company has taken the necessary measures in order to make purchase of digital certificates by DigiCert an effortless and easy task. As a result, just about anyone is able to purchase ssl certificate within Singapore in a timely and effective manner.

Customers are able to shop online and find a SSL certificate of their liking. The online store found at Cyber Secure Asia has all the information clients need to help them with their purchase without the need to go or be redirected to a new window. Customers will be able to find a list of website products that are organized and sorted for ease of browsing. The list includes the likes of ev ssl certificate, wild card ssl, multi-domain ssl and many more. On the left, customers will be able to see the ssl certificate price and as an added feature, there is the option to choose the preferred currency of choice from HKD, PHP, SGD, THB, USD and VND.

Another handy feature found at Cyber Secure Asia’s online digital store front is that customers will be able to view key features of their preferred ssl cert of choice. This is seamless integrated and can be viewed with just a few clicks of a button. As a result, customers are given a clear overview on what to expect with regards to multi-domain (SAN) ssl and ssl certificate authentication.

After all is said and done customers can proceed with their purchase and install ssl certificate to their respective websites right away. Clients do not need to worry too much about how their digital certificates work especially since customer support is provided at any given time when the need calls for their clients to do so. As a result, even newcomers in the online media space are able to feel very much secured with their online business transactions since readily available help can be found today with the people at Cyber Secure Asia.

About Cyber Secure Asia:

Cyber Secure Asia (CSA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CyberTrust Japan, a pioneer in Japan’s security certification market for 20 years. CyberTrust Japan opens its first office in Singapore as Cyber Secure Asia (CSA) to offer professional expertise in security certifications and solutions to companies within South East Asia.

Many clients, both big and small trust them because of their high quality service and operation. In a broad category of services that CSA provides, the company handles Identity and Access Management (IAM) using state-of-the-art Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology for businesses with online presence. As a partner of Digicert Inc. – US based Certificate Authority (CA) – CSA offers Digicert’s high assurance security products in Secure Socket Layers (SSL), Code Signing, Document Signing, and SecureWifi Certificates. Visit to find out more.

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