Data Reveals Shopping Habits of Men Vs Women | Donya Vogue Introduces a Fun and Easy Way to Purchase Clothes Online


In an effort to address the diversified habits of consumers online, Donya Vogue comes up with a convenient and excellent platform for shoppers online.

Brands succeed depending on how well they connect to consumers and address their needs. In order to address the demand properly, it is important for businesses to understand the buying habits of their customers and prospective patrons. Generally, men and women have distinct shopping habits. Understanding their differences help brands and the customers alike to reach a compromise and satisfying situation.

According to the recent data from Dotrising, men are more likely to discover a product when surfing the internet despite not having a definite destination in mind. Women are more particular with their brands over the product they are searching for. Likewise, from the surveyed list, around 33% of men found the items they paid for in such a way versus 26% of women who did. Women require around 14 minutes settling a purchase while men take around 10 minutes.

More than 71% of women are inclined to find bargains and deals while more than 57% like to indulge in retail therapy.

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Donya Vogue offers the ideal shopping platform for women. The company offers a diversified selection of fashion items that suit a varied range of styles and preferences. What makes Donya Vogue the right shopping stop is its easy and friendly shopping platform. Customers can go through the collections and available items in a just a few clicks on their mouse or tap on their computers or phones.

Users can have fast access to a list of fashion pieces depending on what they need. What is even more exciting is that the company offers the platform 24/7 anytime and anywhere. So long as customers have access to the site then they shop whenever they want to. The clothing portal comes with quick instructions. Simply put all items under the shopping cart, check out the purchases and wait for the items to arrive.

Donya Vogue makes sure that shoppers get the best experience out of their online surfing. People can check out product details by clicking on the item. Photos when worn and not are also provided to give people the best idea on it will fit. The company offers support teams that can help buyers track where their products went and how long before they can expect it. To make sure customers feel right at home, every initial sign up comes with a $10-discount. All customers need to do is to provide their details.

Donya Vogue provides regular updates to customers via its newsletter. Collections are also updated regularly based on season.

About Donya Vogue:

Donya Vogue is a Singapore online shopping offering a variety of women’s wear including evening dress and other garments. The company is an online shopping portal founded by Janice and Ali offering products from Australia, Europe and the USA. For more information, visit their site at:

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