Delight in the World’s Finest Cuisines at Sheraton Towers Singapore


Ever wonder where the best selection of the top-notch cuisine in Singapore that will delight your taste buds and whet your appetite is? You may find them at Sheraton Towers Singapore.

Sheraton Towers Singapore is one of the most luxurious 5 star hotels located near Orchard road. And they offer a great variety of the most delicious food, straight from the best restaurants in Singapore.

At Sheraton Towers, you will find three top-notch dining venues that offer superb dishes which will definitely delight the appetite of any guest. We offer different flavors from different parts of the world, and so there is definitely something for everyone.

One of the dining venues that Sheraton takes pride in is the DOMVS The Italian Restaurant. They offer exquisite Italian cuisine and fine wine, which guests can enjoy in an environment filled with elegance and style.

For people who prefer to indulge in the taste of the Far East, there is the Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant to satisfy their cravings by offering the best authentic Cantonese cuisine in Singapore. Guests are provided with a grand selection of food that will definitely make you feel like a royalty.

Are you planning to have a small get-together with your friends? Invite them at the Lobby Bar, the best place for an afternoon tea in Singapore. Enjoy a relaxing tea time as you listen to the wonderful live piano music.

Lastly, have a taste of the world’s most delicious cuisines at The Dining Room, Sheraton Tower Singapore’s excellent hotel buffet. Asian exotic, western cuisine, and local delights are waiting for guests in this one-of-a-kind buffet.

The world offers a wide range of special cuisines, and there are so many wonderful delights that people are yet to taste. At Sheraton Towers, you may find great selection of delicious food that are new to your taste buds. Dine in and have a great time at the finest hotel in the heart of Singapore.

About the company:

Since its inception, Sheraton Towers Singapore has pride themselves above the rest of the luxury hotels, leading the hotel industry in Singapore with their best services and dedicated team members. For more information, visit

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