Axxis Consulting is a technology firm providing cost-efficient, leading edge business solutions based on SAP and Oracle Software. Its team’s expertise is in implementing world-class SAP and Oracle ERP solutions to help businesses run better. With personalized service and a dedicated support staff, the company is a great choice to help clients to accelerate their business growth. Axxis Consulting offers a range of technology and consulting solutions to meet every need of all clients. No matter how big or small the business is, the company can help them find answers on how to manage and grow their business more successfully.

In light of this, Axxis Consulting makes SAP Business One more affordable and intuitive being the sort of business management software that is designed specifically for small and mid size businesses. It is further developed to be adaptable and user-friendly. It enables clients to manage their critical business functions across sales, distribution and financials, all in a single integrated system.

Over 40,000 successful companies in Singapore and worldwide have already discovered that SAP Business One is like having an extra pair of eyes and ears in the most competitive global business environment ever. The business management software has been localized to 41 countries in 27 different languages, moreover, SAP Business One runs in more than 300 large enterprises and more than 2000 subsidiaries.

SAP Business One is targeted for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises or SMEs. With SAP Business One, clients can instantaneously access a complete and up-to-the-minute view of their business, so that they can respond to customers faster and grow their business more profitably.

First off, SAP Business One is highly user-friendly. It gives clients powerful tools to customize forms, queries and reports to meet specific business requirements without the need for specialized technical training. It is also designed based on local best practices, and legal, currency and financial requirements are built into the software.

Second thing is that, SAP’s business management software is very customizable. It is designed for companies in many different industries. Service companies benefit from a fully integrated ERP system providing access and visibility of customers and account information on one screen. For manufacturers and distributors, SAP Business One has advanced warehousing and distribution modules that will help make the process clearer, transparent, and more efficient. Likewise, if the client has a project-based company, they can take advantage of additional modules designed to track project cost and progress across the complete project implementation life cycle.

Thirdly, SAP Business One is very scalable. It is part of a portfolio of SAP solutions for SMEs, which also include SAP Business All-in-One and SAP Business Suite. There is a clear upgrade path to help the clients once the complexity of their business grows, and they may need more sophisticated functionality to track an international, mid-sized enterprise. SAP’s proven solution helps clients to streamline operations and act instantly on complete information so that they can accelerate profitable growth.

SAP Business One is a complete solution for small companies from one to one hundred employees, covering all aspects of the business. The implementation of SAP Business One may take anytime from days to weeks, depending on the client’s requirements and the functionality to be implemented.

The company’s experienced business consultants will work together with the clients towards a best-fit solution for their business. Its in-depth industry experience, coupled with years of implementation know-how of SAP Business One allows clients to benefit from best practices of companies all over the world.

By and large, SAP Business One provides the complete functionality a company will need to run its business. It will greatly help users to integrate sales, inventory and accounting requirements and free their time to concentrate on growing their company.

All the projects of SAP Business One are implemented in a proven and pragmatic approach, using SAP’s Accelerated Implementation Methodology. The local SAP Business One Support team in Singapore is available to ensure that clients’ system runs smoothly. The team has the knowledge, training and experience to provide a complete support program tailored to every business, and because the team is located in Singapore, it is just around the corner.

Axxis Consulting is a technology firm providing cost-efficient, leading edge business solutions based on SAP and Oracle Software. Its team’s expertise is in implementing world-class SAP and Oracle ERP solutions to help businesses run better. For more information, visit:

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