Do You Have What You Really Need in Your Home Office?


2020 has been a rough year. The drastic changes the pandemic brought us affected our way of life and sources of income. Businesses closed down, and those that managed to stay afloat need to adapt to the new normal. Nowadays, working from home has become the first option for many businesses to protect their workers and clients. Many are now forced to work from home, and most do not have the essential equipment they need to do their job well.

Here are some of the things you need to set up so working from home will not stall your career path to the top.

Internet Connection

This is the backbone of every work from home setup. You can not apply and expect to get hired if you do not have an internet connection. And we are talking not just any connection but the fast and reliable one. Generally speaking, the accepted speed for a home-based set up is at least 50 MBS to 100 MBS for download and a minimum of 10 MBS for upload.

The fastest internet connection nowadays is fiber optics, which runs on thin glass tubes instead of copper wires. The typical speed of a fiber optics connection can run up to 10,000 MBPS which is stable enough to support multiple devices and applications like Zoom, Google Meet and Skype without buffering.

Secondary Internet Connection

A broadband signal may cut in and out, particularly if your primary connection is Wi-Fi. Factors like your distance from the modem, the number of devices connected all at once, and sometimes, the weather can affect the stability of your connection.

Many home-based employees choose to have at least two types of connection, wireless and wired, from different providers to avoid getting completely disconnected. You can also use your mobile data or a prepaid Wi-Fi dongle as a backup for an emergency.

Choosing an Office Space

A spare room is the ideal place, but if you are living in an apartment or condominium with limited space, a secluded area will do as well. One good tip for choosing a makeshift office space is finding a spot away from the living room where most of the family spends their day. It is also best to stay away from loud electronics like stereos and the television.

Lighting is an important factor when choosing a space. Since you will be spending most of your time in front of a monitor, it is best to set up in an area that has adequate lighting to avoid eye strain. You may also want to choose a space near a window so you’ll get natural light and proper ventilation which are ideal for your health.


Now that you have chosen where to build your make-shit office, it’s time to bring it to life. No office is complete without a proper chair and table. And in this case, comfort is just as important as functionality.

Ideally, your monitor should be at eye level for you to avoid looking up or down while working. If you’re working from nine to five, then it means that you’ll be stuck on your chair for eight hours. And sitting for long periods can cause backaches.

A chair where you can sit back is the best option because it can support your body weight without putting too much pressure on your muscles. You also need to position your chair where the mouse and keyboard are within a comfortable distance to avoid hyper-extending your arm.


A desktop computer and laptop are two of the primary gadgets being used for a home-based job. If you’re using either one or both, make sure that the operating system is updated. Microsoft Office features are not always readily available when you purchase a computer, so make sure to install MS Office before your start date.

Aside from their main computer, work from home employees usually have a backup device like a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Many are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, so it is best to keep in touch with your favourite PC repair service provider in case your computer crashes down. You should also ask of they have the kinds of equipment you need for your electronic needs, such as:

  • Headphones with microphone
  • External webcam
  • Earphones (wired or wireless)
  • External speakers
  • Chargers
  • Battery Pack or Power bank
  • An extension cord that can support all your devices

Home-based jobs are today’s trend. If this is your first rodeo, know that it’s okay to be a little scared of the unfamiliar. Many businesses and employers understand the adjustments needed for a work-from-home setup. Once you’re done with the basics, everything will eventually fall into place. You will certainly adapt to the changes and continue to put food on the table while keeping you and your family safe.

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