Do You Want Your Smartphone to Last Longer? These Tips Might Help


Presently, mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives, and the pandemic has made us even more reliant on them. In 2020, there were around 294.15 million active smartphone users in the USA alone.

Banking, consumer goods, shopping, education, and other activities are now possible from the comfort of our own homes thanks to them. As a result, it is critical to ensure that it is continuously functional. However, it is advisable to get assistance only from a reputable phone repair center if there is a malfunction. Besides this, there are a few more essential points to consider to keep mobile phones in good condition for a long time.

  1. 360 Degree Protection

A protective case and a screen protector for a phone are a must. A screen protector keeps dust and debris from getting on the screen while also protecting it from scratches and breaks. Most women carry their phones in their handbags or clutches with other items such as keys, change, or wallets that can scratch the phone’s screen. Again, here scratch guards prove helpful.

In addition to scratch guards, a protective case cushions the bulk of the hits that your phone suffers. When you accidentally drop it, the cover protects the phone. The plus is that you can choose from beautiful covers in various styles to match your preferences, making your phone more appealing.

  1. Prevent Water Damage

To prevent water damage, avoid placing the phone near facilities such as swimming pools and bathrooms. Do not use your phone if your hands are wet. If you dropped it in water, have it fixed right away by a professional. To avoid such situations, it is also advised that you keep your phone in a zip lock bag or use water-resistant covers.

  1. Clean your phone

Cleaning your phone regularly is also essential. Before cleaning, switch off your mobile phone and only use a soft linen fabric. Wipe your cellphone gently using a non-hazardous solution, avoiding the use of water, solvents, or other home cleaning agents.

  1. Charge Correctly

Phones should not always be charged to 100 percent, but rather to 80 percent for improved performance and battery life. Also, if you tend to use the phone while it is charging, please stop. This not only shortens the battery’s life but can also be dangerous.

Furthermore, always charge your phone slowly because it is seen that quick charging has reduced battery life and does substantial harm to mobile operations. Charging your phone through a computer or some power banks might control the current getting into your phone, decreasing its charging speed.

  1. Updates

When an update notification shows, the majority of users choose “Later.” This is incorrect, and you should not postpone it. Immediately click the update now option since using the most recent version protects the phone from any hacking risks. It boosts security as well as efficiency.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Apps & Media

Many times, you may have encountered extremely annoying lag periods, which is a typical occurrence. It occurs when you overload your mobile phone with too many media and apps, causing a large quantity of RAM to be occupied. This results in a slower response, and you are forced to purchase a new one, which is not essential. Remove the useless applications and media. If you have too many key documents and memories, get them transferred on your laptop, USB or upload to cloud applications such as Google Drive.

  1. Prevent Viruses & Malware

Many users download apps via third-party websites, which are the primary source of malware. Kindly avoid if you are doing the same. These websites are usually fraudulent, and installing software from them may cause your device to behave abnormally. However, if you have lately experienced this, the easiest solution to getting rid of them is to reset your device.

  1. Use Cloud Storage

This is previously mentioned in the article’s sixth point. You should avoid accumulating your smartphone by storing necessary data on cloud storage services. This results in a smoother operation of the phone, no lagging, quick response, and data loss prevention.

  1. Carry Your Phone Properly

Many of us put our phones in the back pockets of our jeans and pants. It is the incorrect way to carry your phone since it may break when you sit or bend. The ideal method to carry it is to keep it in your front pocket or hold it.

These suggestions may appear basic and well-known, but many of us fail to see their significance and dismiss them and end up completing the life of our smartphone. If you truly want to save money by not buying new or upgrading your gadget regularly, try to follow the tips mentioned in this post.

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