Easy Access to Tuition through A-tutors


Looking for something urgent may prove to be impossible, especially at the last minute. Likewise, there may not much to offer if there is a lead time required while sourcing for something. Education is one of the aspects that means a lot for many parents and students as well and at times when the students requires last minute tuition for his or her upcoming exams, many tuition centres may not be able to take them up as there is a certain class size and class timing that they have publicized.

With home tuition, finding a good tutor may be hard as you may not much general contacts for tuition. Of course, there are online forums and social media to find them but the reliability may not be as high as compared to the database that A-tutors offer.

With just a click of your cursor, you can submit a request for a home tutor and within a day, you will hear from there. Sourcing for the right tutor will only take the coordinators at A-tutors a few days and in less than a week, you have your tutor!

As an online database, there is no need to pay an additional fee every month to A-tutors with only the 1st month being a commission based payment of 50%. After that, students can simply pay their tutors straight while A-tutors help guide any issues along the way. If the tutor is not the right fit for the student, you can request for a tutor change and they will begin sourcing for more within the database. Unlike online forums, A-tutors holds credibility as the tutors’ background information are all held within the portal, meaning to say if any situation arises, there will not be any unaccountable personnel.

In terms of affordability, the services that A-tutors provide is definitely a whole lot cheaper than a tuition centre or even commission based middle agencies. They take pride in their passion for spreading education at easy reach which is why there are no additional charges for the subsequent tuition lessons except for the one-time 50% commission in the beginning.

About the company:

As an online database of home tutors, A-tutors serve as a one stop solution for your child’s learning needs. They understand the importance of education and at the same time, comfort in learning, which is why they sieve through applications for tutoring to find the right one for your child! To know more about their services, visit: http://atutors.com.sg/.

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