Economics Café looks forward to a great future for its Students using its A Level using its Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics Tuition programme


Economics Café, a leading economics tuition centre in Singapore, takes on the challenge of raising the level of its competence through its developed programme and competent tutors in the undertaking of the subtle science of Economics.

With its Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics Tuition, Economics Café enhances the skills of the students as well as their depth of knowledge and understanding in the field in such a way that is lenient yet effective and comprehensive.

Economics Café also provides methodology that will enhance that Essay Writing skills and case study answering skills. The Economics Tuition in Singapore aims to impart two things to the students: ‘what to write’ and ‘how to write it’. Moreover, students are given case studies to improve their skills in comprehending its contents and eventually excel in dealing with tons of it. This Econs Tuition centre in Singapore also uses Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics examination papers which are good learning materials and references.

It is also an institution that allows its students to think openly and freely so it could escape the old ideas and replace them with the latest and most applicable concepts today. They may the approach vague at first but the technique will further narrow their perspective about a broad topic using their precise judgements to address the problems.

The educational institution is headed by Principal Mr. Edmund Quek. Mr. Quek is a well-known and sought after economics tutor in Singapore. With his expertise in the field for almost 2 decades, he was able to send off competent professionals today in the real corporate world. With his wide-ranging knowledge, expertise, and experience, he was also able to formulate modules and programme that will help the students in Economics Café excel in the field.

The learning modules of this Economic Tuition in Singapore are given jam packed with explanations and aids to help students understand the topic better. Every topic is consistently updated and thoroughly studied to make sure that it is line with the modern way of living.

People need to know more about the Economic today especially that the world is ever growing and becoming more and more modernized. Our interest in studying Economics should also be like our interest with the products of today’s modern technology. In this way, people of the next generation will still be reliable in addressing real life situations using their skills and knowledge about the field.

About Economics Café:
Economics Cafe is a MOE-registered leading economics tuition centre in Singapore that provides Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics tuition. The Principal Economics Tutor is Mr. Edmund Quek, who is a highly experienced and well sought after economics tutor in Singapore with close to two decades of teaching experience. The A Level Economics Tuition centre in Singapore also aims to promote the interest of studying Economics as it is, “A place where Economics comes Alive”. To find out more, visit:

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