Economics Café offers Economics Tuition from the leading Economics tutor in Singapore


Economics Café is an economics tuition centre which offers ‘A’ Level Economics tuition to students in Singapore. He you can receive proper economics tuition from the leading economics tutor in the island, Mr. Edmund Quek.

Mr. Edmund Quek is the Principal Economics Tutor of Economics Café. He is known to be a teacher who is highly qualified and highly experienced obtaining over two decades of teaching experience. Mr. Quek has graduated with a Master’s Degree in Economics, making him one of the most well-educated economics tutor that you can find in Singapore. Moreover, he well-known in his field for writing a number of books about economics, such as the Economics (Economics Café), JC Economics Model Essays (Economics Café) and ‘A’ Level Economics Model Essays (Pearson Longman). These written works of Mr. Quek have become the bestselling economics books in Singapore, and they sold over 12,000 copies of these books sold since 2012. These books are now also recommended reading in several junior colleges in the island.

Mr. Quek does not just study economics for the sake of academics; he has also applied the knowledge in real life situations. He has been known for using his knowledge on economics during the 2008-2009 Global Financial Crisis, which had been a result of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis in the United States. During the time of the financial crisis, he managed to double his wealth in just a year and a half. He had done this by applying his knowledge on the basic concepts of economics, such as the business cycle, the fiscal policy, the monetary policy, and so on. Mr. Quek has been able to make use of his knowledge to survive crisis in the economy. And as a tutor at Economics Café, he wants his students to be able to do the same. For this reason he became passionate about imparting his knowledge of economics to his students.

Economics Café believes that students should be aware of the application of the basic concepts of economics to their lives. Under the guidance of Mr. Edmund Quek, the students are going to gain knowledge of ‘A’ Level Economics. Once they gain knowledge under the care of an effective and experienced economics tutor, they will be able to apply their knowledge, not just to pass exams and graduate, but also to be able to overcome the financial issues that may come their way. Economics Café help you learn everything that you need to know about economics, with the help of Mr. Quek, a person who has been able to apply his knowledge in dealing with real life situations.

About Economics Café
Economics Café is a Singapore-based economics tuition centre that provides Singapore-Cambridge CGE ‘A’ Level Economics tuition. An institute that is dedicated to assist those who are willing to learn more about Economics, they offer quality lecture notes that helps people clearly understand the key concepts of economics and get a good grade in Singapore-Cambridge CGE ‘A’ Level Economics examination. They also impart knowledge on essay writing and case study answering.

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