Economics Cafe: The Leading A Level Economics Tuition Centre in Singapore


Economics Cafe, an MOE-registered economics tuition centre based in Singapore is the leader when it comes to providing top quality econs tuition in the country. They specialize in Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics Tuition.

They are a goal-driven economics tuition centre whose mission is to provide quality economics tuition to all students, regardless of their financial status. They believe that learning Economics can be made easy for the young people, and it will help them in the future – not just in academics, but also in real-life situations.

They take pride in bringing the best quality Economics tuition in the island. They have Mr. Edmund Quek, one of best Economics tutor that any student could ask for. He is known for being an experienced educator in the field of Economics. He has obtained a Master’s Degree in Economics (MSSc) at the National University of Singapore (NUS), and has been an author of several books about Economics, such as the Economics (Economics Café), JC Economics Model Essays (Economics Café) and ‘A’ Level Economics Model Essays (Pearson Longman). These books provide a lot of relevant knowledge on Economics, making them a recommended reading in several junior colleges in Singapore.

More than an educator who teaches Economics for the sake of academics, Mr. Quek is an intelligent man who has commitment to letting the students explore Economics as a field of knowledge which they can use in dealing with real life situations. Knowledge on financing is relevant, not just for those who would like to run their own business someday but also for professionals who want to become successful and have a financially stable and secure life in the future. Mr. Quek himself made use of his knowledge of the basic concepts of Economics in real life. During the 2008-2009 Global Financial Crisis that was caused by the Subprime Mortgage Crisis that happened in the United States, he used his knowledge of the basic economics concepts such as the business cycle, fiscal policy, and monetary policy, in order to double his wealth in a short span of one and a half years. As an ‘A’ Level Economics tutor, not only does he want students to learn Economics in order for them to have better results in exams; he also wants them to use Economics as a guide in wealth management, something which will be useful to them to be able to pass the tests of real life. This commitment is what made Economics Cafe a successful econs tuition centre.

Economics Cafe is the leading Economics tuition centre that lets students explore the field of Economics and understand it more – as an academic subject, and as a knowledge relevant to keeping their future secure.

About Economics Cafe

Economics Cafe is a Singapore-based economics tuition centre that provides Singapore-Cambridge CGE ‘A’ Level Economics tuition. An institute that is dedicated to assist those who are willing to learn more about Economics, they offer quality lecture notes that helps people clearly understand the key concepts of economics and get a good grade in Singapore-Cambridge CGE ‘A’ Level Economics examination. They also impart knowledge on essay writing and case study answering.

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