Have the Most Effective Cardio Equipment with Home Gym


Are you looking to have pieces of equipment which can effectively shake off the excess calories from your body? If you’re serious about committing to a series of workouts, you’ll definitely need to invest in top quality machines for your home gym. Home Gym Malaysia has the complete items you’ll need, so you can make the most of your exercises. Get the latest training bikes, treadmills and upper body rowers from the top distributor fitness equipment in Malaysia today.


Home Gym’s line of Spin Bikes


If you’re a fan of Spinning, Tour De France or Mountain Biking, you’d be glad to exercise your skills and stamina with the use of Home Gym’s Spin Bikes. You can either choose from the V-V600 or V-V900 Vortex Spin Bikes, which come with a sleek design.


This equipment has features which allow for you to increase your stamina through one-touch modes and increased intensities. Even triathletes have used this exercise bike in Malaysia, and they could see how the modes could effectively target their fitness and performance goals.


Improve your sprints with your treadmill


Home Gym also stacks up on lines of treadmills which help you lose weight and widen your running strides. If you’ll also need to recuperate from a long-term sickness or injury, and you’ll have to get better for several months, it’s great to have the Rehab oriented treadmill. This unit can help you re-shape your body back to its functions and normal movements.


One of the units which you can check out would be the Free Form F20 Walker and Light Runner Treadmill. This equipment is packed with features which can support every jogging fan towards an enjoyable journey. If you’re looking for a top notch treadmill in Malaysia one of its features which you’d be interested about would be the LCD screen’s Pre-Set programs, a high quality torque which has comes with reliable horsepower and many more.


Work on your upper arms with the Water Rower


With the Water Rower’s required movements, athletes can be assured of having intensely effective workouts on their hip hinges, leg extensions and shoulders. This type of equipment also fosters good posture among those who use it on a regular basis. When not in use, it can be folded back up so you can be sure to have a spacious looking home gym.


Whether you’re an aspiring rower or not, you’ll find it exhilarating to completely carry out the equipment’s movements on a daily basis. It also comes with a Heart Rate monitor to check on how your body responds to the workout, plus you can seize the interface which should place you in a virtual rowing scenario. The Water Rower can also ensure you’ll make the most of your upper body workouts, especially with its durable engineering.


About Home Gym
Home Gym lets you take away the inconveniences of travelling to the gym, when you can work out right in the comforts of your home. It has the complete equipment you’ll need to ensure you’ll have a total body work out, every time. Look through their line of Cardio equipment and see which ones can help in meeting your goals today: http://homegym.my/.

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