Electron Microscope


An electron microscope has been widely used that focuses on beams of electrons to scrutinize objects in a meticulous approach. Electron microscopes use radiation light to foresee of more detailed images of objects such as biological specimens. The advantages of using electron microscope that offers greater resolving power as well as higher magnification. The higher resolution has an enormous depth of field allows better results. Electron microscopes enables for the visualization of structures, to form highly magnified images.

At Applied Physics, we have provided the best products such as sputter coater, carbon coater, plasma cleaner and Cressington Coater to uplift the plight of our customer. We understand and committed to provide the highest quality and strive for a better service in terms of cost, reliability and many more. Meanwhile, sputter coater is a systematic system for sample coating, compact, economical and easy to handle. The Cressington coater is designed the choice of manual and automatic operation. The economical design is simple to conduct, as it offers many benefits for the customer, as well as fine grain coating and rapid pumpdown times. Our simple sputter coater has advantages such as:

  • It is suitable for routine SEM sample preparation. The standard or manual coater has variable current control, digital process timer, and sputtering is executed with an efficient DC magnetron.
  • The safety interconnect sputtering supply is wholly variable. The alternative thickness monitor is suggested for precise measurements of depositions.

Other than that, our plasma cleaner can be used for hydrocarbon contamination cleaning application that includes Scanning Electron Microscope, Focused Ion Beam System, Transmission Electron Microscope, Electron Beam Inspection System and other vacuum systems.

Advanced plasma can trigger plasma at source pressure of only 0.1mTorr. The low pressure plasma cleaning is proven to be more effective than high pressure plasma cleaning due to smaller likelihood of reemerged of radical atoms.

The primary application of carbon coating in electron microscopy is X-ray microanalysis and specimen support films on (TEM) grids. The 108C Auto Carbon Coater is one of the most effective sample coaters around for covering non-conductive specimens before the SEM X-ray analysis. The option of the MTM-10 high resolution thickness monitor permits the carbon films to be customized to the precise needs of the sample.

Sputter coating is designed to ward off charging of the specimen, simultaneously intensify the amount of electrons that can be identified from the specimen in the SEM.

The boons that customer would gain from SEM samples sputtered with metal are:

  • Decrease microscope beam damage
  • Enhance secondary electron emission
  • Preserve beam sensitive specimens
  • Reduced sample charging

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