Eliminate Stubborn Fats without Surgery, Try Criowave Treatment Available at Only Aesthetics


Only Aesthetics, the leading multi-award winning aesthetics group in Singapore is offering its Criowave treatment. Criowave is the highly effective solution that combats cellulite and aids fat reduction without surgery. It can effectively help in freezing away the fat and cellulite once and all!

Criowave is a painless body firming treatment that works to reduce fat and appearance of cellulite on the thighs, belly, love handles and buttocks. The cutting-edge treatment is a non-invasive treatment that uses a combination of Cryoliporeduction and Acoustic Waves to reduce fat and combat the cellulite. It offers painless procedure in a fast treatment. Also, it is non-invasive and has no down-time.

Criowave uses a combination of Cryoliporeduction and Acoustic Waves to treat the problem areas. Cryoliporeduction involves the application of a controlled cold to your target fat area, thereby crystalizing the fat cells. The Acoustic Waves treatment is then applied to the treated area immediately after Cryoliporeduction has taken place, thereby shocking the crystalized fat cells, speeding up the rate at which the fat cells get destroyed and eventually eliminated out of the body.

This treatment can effectively reduce stubborn fat and cellulite, and works on the thighs, buttocks, belly and love handles.Those who are at their ideal weight or are moderately overweight but have small pockets of fat deposits that refuse to go away with diet and exercise are candidate for Criowave.

To see optimal results and depending on the amount of fat tissue one have in the body, she should aim to go for at least two to three treatment sessions.

The Criowave treatment is completely painless. The most that one can expect to feel during the treatment is a cold sensation. Apart from that, she should not feel any discomfort. Patient may experience some mild redness on the treated area, post-treatment. Criowave does not however, cause any damage to the surrounding skin or tissue.

Women and men alike can avail of the services of Only Aesthetics for each condition they would like to be treated. Such conditions are acne, acne scars, age spots, belly fat, cellulite, dark eye circles, dark underarm, deep wrinkles, discolored teeth, double chin, fine lines, flabby arms, loose skin, man boobs, muscle pain, pigmentation, pores and blackheads, small or saggy breasts, spider veins, uneven skin stone, unwanted hair for men, unwanted hair for women, urinary incontinence, and vagina laxity.

ONLY Aesthetics offers a myriad of the most advanced treatments for the face, skin and body and is equipped with clinically proven and FDA-approved technology. Moreover, the clinic consists of accredited medical doctors and medically trained aestheticians who are able to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their patients.


The ONLY GROUP is Singapore’s leading multi-award winning aesthetics group, established in 2005. The ONLY Group is an international company focused on beauty and medical aesthetics. The group is vertically integrated: encompassing medical equipment distribution, retail outlets, franchising and global investments. For more information, visit: www.onlyaesthetics.sg.

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