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Do you want to have more confidence in speaking to various types of audiences? If so, then it’s about time for you to look through the services which Public Speaking Academy currently has. By signing up for their classes, you can conquer stage fright and enhance your public speaking skills along the way. Here are just few of the courses which should enhance your abilities and improve your communication skills:


Check out some English Language Courses

English mastery has to be the fundamental skill which you’ll need, so you could be more confident to speak in various audiences. Public Speaking Academy has Primary and Secondary Levels, Junior Level College and a Polytechnics format set of English courses. These should enable a student to enhance his or her English skills, with the intention of speaking the language.

While it’s great to have learned English in school, you will gain much more advantages as you enroll in a public speaking specific academy. At the Public Speaking Academy, you’ll learn about Oral Examination, Listening Comprehension, Narrative and Situational Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary and so much more.


Be a part of Regular Group Training Programs

It would be good to practice your public speaking skills in the midst of a supportive group. Public Speaking Academy has Regular Group Training Programs which various age groups can join. These include hands-on exercises which should equip students with the know-how and knowledge involved in speaking.

The Group Training Programs cover topics such as Body Language, Pronunciation and Enunciation, Common Speaking Mistakes to Avoid, Impromptu Speaking Techniques and so much more. If you’re also planning to have good presentation skills, you can seek further collaboration and comments from your assigned group members.


Premium 1-to-1 Trainings

Are you having a major presentation coming up? Then you’ll need the advice and expertise of a speaking coach. This is where Public Speaking Academy’s 1-to-1 Trainings would be useful. With this course, you can enjoy a customized set of classes while you’re guaranteed with the learning privacy you’ll need. As you work your way towards having effective communication skills, it’s advisable for you to call the Public Speaking Academy for a customized quotation.


Holiday and Ad-Hoc Programs

These programs are useful for students who are preparing for admission interviews and scholarship applications. There also some learners who would like to improve on their public speaking skills as they prepare for PSLE or GCE O levels. It would be best to take up the Holiday or Ad-Hoc programs, 1 to 2 months before school begins, so a student will have ample preparation.


About Public Speaking Academy

With the mission of expressing to impress, Public Speaking Academy was founded to train for its students’ personal and professional growth. It also established itself to be a premium hub for communication success among its learners. By taking up its current set of courses, students are sure to improve their public speaking skills. For more details about the institution, visit: http://publicspeakingacademy.com.sg/.


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