Essential Elements in Building and Construction


Some of the most important and essential elements in building and construction today include formwork and scaffolding. In Singapore, there is only one trusted source that locals go to for a comprehensive list of companies that provide products and services in the formwork and scaffolding venue-

Some of the listing that are highlighted on the website include:

  • GRIPLOC formwork clamps
  • formtie formwork systems
  • dywidag tie rods and accessories for system formwork (diameter 15 mm
  •     and 20 mm)
  • column clamps
  • metal formwork system’s U clip
  • plastic and concrete spacers
  • corner chamfers
  • scaffolding and accessories
  • BS scaffolding and accessories
  • pipe supports/props
  • heavy duty scaffolding couplers (BS 1139)
  • table formwork systems
  • wall formwork systems
  • formwork timber beams
  • lipped channels
  • U-Clips

Extracts of Companies Listing in


Tractel Singapore Private Limited is a subsidiary of Tractel S.A.S. of France. The Tractel Group is located in 20 affiliated countries spread over 4 continents and has a presence through its export services and importers in 80 countries around the world. All this represents a unique network of distributors of which there are more than 4,000 in Europe alone, increasing the presence of the TRACTEL Group on these markets.

Being a world leader in the Temporary and Permanent Access System (Gondola), Tractel is also a leading manufacturer in Lifting and Pulling equipment Tirfor, materials handling such as chain/lever hoists, Dynafor load indicator devices, Topal clamps, as well as our specialties in fall prevention and rescue equipments.

Quality And Service Assurance

Our company’s products are highly popular in the local and international markets. They comply with European directive/ European standards as well as the local Ministry Of Manpower approved authority. Tractel Singapore has an efficient and friendly team of 60 staffs, which include a strong maintenance team to provide after sales service and a rental department that can customise temporary access and lifting equipments and also provide external facade maintenance.


ULMA is one of the first largest manufacturers of formwork, shoring, and scaffolding systems worldwide based in Spain and relies on 50 years of great knowledge and expertise. Its subsidiary in Singapore studies, designs, and develops optimised formwork and shoring solutions adapted to local construction market demands based on cost and time reduction in erection and dismantling with the highest labour safety at the jobsite. All our systems have safety elements, for both assembling and using phases. Thanks to the reduced number of elements composing our systems, the multi-tasking of our products is aimed at offering our clients maximum profitability and high productivity on-site.

The ISO 9001 quality standard, granted to us since 1994, the ISO 14000, the European NF Certificate, and fulfillment of the Active Environment Protection regulations make us a solid, responsible, and committed company.

Because it is essential to procure the best possible elements in building and construction, be sure to visit Singapore’s most trusted site for formwork and scaffolding materials. Visit for more information

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