Essential Signs your Concrete Needs Repair


Concrete is a cost-effective building material. But, its exposure to the elements causes it to wear down over time. To make sure your concrete is stable and sound, know the signs of wear. When these signs are visible, call a concrete repair expert to take a look. Being able to spot the problem early reduces the risk of the damage becoming worse. Serious concrete damage can impact your home’s stability, safety and look. These signs include the following:

Concrete Cracks

Concrete cracks can happen because of the expansion and contraction of soil underneath. Such mechanism is often due to weather conditions. An immense amount of rain following by long periods of dry, hot weather can cause such expansion. The cracks can appear on concrete walls and grounds. Getting advice from experts helps you decide whether to give the concrete a touch-up or carry out a more complex job. Contractors are expected to attach steel brackets and drive a steel pier through the supporting beams. This is meant to create permanent foundation stability.

Sunken Concrete

If you notice your concrete floors, walls and external areas are not even, this could be caused by sub-standard foundation work or weather conditions. Failing to address this problem right away can cause breaking and crumbling which can lead to instability and injuries. If you notice sunken concrete, call a concrete repair service provider about subjacking. This is a lifting process which restores the slab to its original height. Compared to replacement, this is a more cost-effective approach.

Water Pooling

Water may collect and pool on concrete areas after a heavy rain. Usually, this is caused by increased wear and damage in the areas. A proper concrete application should come with waterproofing coating for its protection. But, such coating wears because of exposure to the elements. If water tends to pool in your concrete areas, you may need to repair and recoat them to prevent more damage.

It is also important to keep in mind that concrete is also used for creating the foundation of your home. Your foundation must be properly maintained and that concrete repairs must be done in a timely manner. Apart from the indicators above, signs such as sticking windows and doors, sloping and sinking floors, wallpaper issues as well as wall cracks indicate concrete foundation damage. Make sure your foundation is checked by experts to determine what must be done. A lot of these experts consider the approach called Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting.

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