Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Gifts


When it comes to corporate business, promotional gifts are an excellent marketing tool. You will be able to send a message across the targeted audience with the right kind of gift. But how do the gifts help the company? We are going to see more on that. Singapore has so many outlets to buy corporate gifts. If you are looking for corporate gifts to impress your Singapore clients, then you should look online for the perfect store.

Corporate gifts vs. promotional items   corporate gifts

  • Well, these two are not the same. Value and price can differ when it comes to corporate gifts and promotional items.
  • Promotional items are usually distributed among the general public in the hope that they will be able to promote the business among the general public.
  • Promotional items tend to be low value gifts like pen, non-woven bag, key rings, lapel pin etc.
  • If you want to maintain long-term customers, you have to give up on the idea of promotional items. Instead, you should think about corporate gifts, which shows that you care about your customers. Men will appreciate gifts like collar pin.
  • However, you can’t distribute corporate gifts to all your clients as it can be really costly. But you can think about it for the important customers who have been with you thick and thin for many years. It can be given as a token of appreciation.

Definition of corporate gifts

Corporate gifts are basically high quality items. You distribute corporate gifts because you want to show that you appreciate those customers. It also shows you care about them. It can be distributed to the customers as well as employees. Leather briefcases, clocks, customized pens etc. are few corporate gifts that you can think of. The relationship shared by the business and client plays a big part in the selection of the gift. If a certain firm gives more business to your company, you definitely have to think about a higher quality gift – indeed, an expensive one!

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