Excellence Singapore Makes it Easy for SMEs to Incorporate Their Company


Incorporate your company at Excellence SingaporeHaving run your own private business for a while now, have you ever wondered what more you could do to make your small company bigger and better? If your company has managed to be reasonably successful from years of gradual growth, you may want to consider incorporating your company.

By incorporating your company, you not only protect your personal assets, but are able to easily transfer your business ownership to another party via sales of shares. In addition, your company, through incorporation, is able to lower the tax rate as compared to companies set up to gain personal income. Incorporation of your company can even help you gain more access to financing for other business activities.

Excellence Singapore helps small medium enterprises with their company incorporation in order to turn their small business into something much more. By helping sole proprietors to understand the implications and procedures involved, Excellence Singapore brings small companies through step-by-step processes while paying attention to all the necessary details. A company incorporated in Singapore might seem to be over-complicated, with all its conditions to be fulfilled, as well as the legal side of things to deal with. Excellence Singapore thus makes it easy by guiding these smaller companies in successfully obtaining incorporation of their companies.

Excellence Singapore proudly obtained the prestigious Promising SME 500 2015 award, which was awarded by the Small and Medium Business Association (SMBA). As a business consulting firm, Excellence Singapore strives in providing one stop business solutions in various areas such as having a full range of accounting services with incorporation of companies. The company thus allows SMEs to tap into Excellence Singapore’s huge network to get the required working capital needs in order to maximise business performances.

Clients who are unsure of what a business incorporation entails can visit Excellence Singapore’s site. The site provides information regarding how a company usually functions and how there are various elements needed to build a successful and stable company. Under business incorporation in Singapore, Excellence Singapore lists down the facts related to such kinds of incorporation as well as the requirements that need to be fulfilled. The most popular choices of incorporation are LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) and Pte Ltd (Private Limited) firms. Excellence Singapore helps its clients to obtain these choices of incorporations.

Companies who are looking towards incorporation can check out Excellence Singapore’s ES-Accounting services, whereby proper back-end support is given. Besides business incorporation, under ES-Accounting, clients can engage in other related professional services to ensure that their company meets statutory compliances and manages taxes well. Other relevant services include compliance services such as audit services, company secretarial services and outsourcing services such as book-keeping, payroll and employment pass services.

Excellence Singapore thus aims not only to provide one type of service, but support SMEs all the way in various essential areas in order that the company management runs smoothly. Clients can put their confidence in Excellence Singapore as a one stop business solution center. From cash flow management to proposal and profiling write ups, Excellence Singapore has all the basics nailed down so that your company can fully focus on reaching goals.

About Excellence Singapore:

Excellence Singapore is a business consulting firm that provides the full range of accounting services. The company develops and implements strategies to improve clients’ productivity and efficiency from a start-up to daily operations to expansion of their businesses. The company aims to maximise performance and help clients achieve their vision.

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