Excellence Singapore Provides SMEs with the Corporate Secretarial Services They Need


Excellence Singapore offers professional corporate secretarial services

To run a successful company, besides having something of value to offer to the public, good management is essential. Behind all that the company does to reach out to the public such as having promotional campaigns, big projects, and events, there is much internal work that has to be done to ensure the smooth running of everything. Preparing the necessary documents and paperwork as well as effective administration are elements that are not usually noticed by most people on the outside, but no matter what kind of company is being run, these elements are needed.

Excellence Singapore provides corporate secretarial services to help SMEs run their businesses. If you’re looking for a good company secretary around Singapore, Excellence Singapore may just be your solution. In such a fast-paced country like Singapore, many SME owners have to be very hands-on in making sure their company is managed well, and due to increasing work load or inexperience, owner’s may find some things difficult to handle. Excellence Singapore seeks to help such companies by providing company secretaries who are efficient and can multi-task.

As a company secretary, some of the duties and services provided by Excellence Singapore are listed as below:

– Maintenance and updating of the company statutory registers and records,

– Ensuring that the company complies to the relevant law under the company act,

– Preparation of the necessary board resolutions

– Filing annual returns and ensuring that the company holds its annual general meeting (AGM) on time. Besides these services, there are many others which include nominee director service, company incorporation, and company striking off.

Excellence Singapore also offers other related services under their ES-Accounting section. Compliance services that are available include audit services and corporate/personal tax and GST services. In addition, the company has book-keeping services, payroll services and employment pass application services which fall under outsourcing. All the services provided will definitely help your company’s operations to run more smoothly.

Besides providing corporate secretarial services, Excellence Singapore specialises in business solutions, financial planning, and banking facilities. The main aim of the company is to build an integrated business solution to help clients achieve financial stability and increase the sustainability of their businesses by first understanding the client’s business, then providing and delivering the solution. Excellence Singapore is equipped with a team comprising of dedicated professionals with strong financial backgrounds to ensure and deliver based on the clients’ needs.

If you’re a small company looking to have a stable management and administration system, then Excellence Singapore may just be what you wished for. Once you are able to successfully nail down the essential elements in your company, then you can give full focus on what your company strives to do without worrying about the fundamental issues.

About Excellence Singapore:

Excellence Singapore is a business consulting firm that provides the full range of accounting services. The company develops and implements strategies to improve clients’ productivity and efficiency from a start-up to daily operations to expansion of their businesses. The company aims to maximise performance and help clients achieve their vision. For more information, visit here.

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