LeSteamboat, the best service food steamboat delivery in Singapore offers fresh meals and foods ranging from your choice of soup, greens, balls, delights, drinks and more!

Sumptuous and steamy meals with fresh ingredients are delivered right to your doorstep! And another good thing is that Le Steam Boat has got it all ready for your pleasure because the food comes in a pot with utensils hence lessening your stress for preparation of such. Of course, LeSteamboat provides the premier standard quality of services to make certain that customers will get nothing but the best service they deserve.

Those who are craving for soup especially on cold nights should not hesitate to satisfy their yearning! LeSteamboat has the best soups in its menu. Just like its Chicken Soup which is the quintessential soup base for all steamboat gatherings, simmering in light, aromatic flavours, indeed a classic steamboat staple.

There also is the Laksa Soup, a definitely Asian curry soup prepared from a rich, coconut milk base, flavourful and spicy with every serving.

Lovers of authentic Chinese style soup can get to enjoy Ma La Spicy Soup, a fiery and spicy Chinese soup base and a refreshing, up-and-coming soup base favourite.

While for those who got a taste for traditional Thai Soup, Tom Yam Soup is the best! This is a base made from scratch with kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lemongrass and other fragrant Thai herbs. Definitely a must-try for all Thai food lovers!

Le Steam Boat also offers variety of greens, from vegetables and fruits that can go with your choice of soup. What more, these are all all-natural and freshly picked thus highly good for health! White radish for example is low in calories with zero cholesterol and it adds a nourishing and cooling property to the choice of soup.

Meanwhile, fresh summer corn is perfect for a simple yet summery steamboat soup. Summer tomatoes that are fresh, healthy and wholesome are likewise an essential steamboat pick. While a delicious and healthy sun-dried seaweed is an indispensible ingredient for any steamboat soup stock.

Customers can also enjoy their choice of balls from pork, cheese, beef or fish! Beef balls are made if succulent chewy meat balls. Cheese balls are puffed with rich, creamy cheese that bursts yumminess in the mouth. Pork balls on the other hand, are made from savoury meaty variation to the original fishball, a fresh and springy way to add quick and simple flavour to the mix. Whereas tasty and chewy chicken ball are the certified all-time favourite. Fish balls come with bouncy and springy texture, with natural sweetness in every bite. What is steamboat without this staple crowd favourite.

As with the menu for the delights, there are the Crabsticks, a tasty, springy appetizer best loved for its flavour and chewy texture – a truly authentic steamboat delight.

Fish dumpling is a dumpling with meat wrapped with fresh fish paste. This is popular with Teo chew style noodles and goes well with anyone steamboat soup.

Luncheon meat is made from tender slices of quality ham that cook quickly and easily, this is likewise a recommended crowd favourite.

The hotdog of LeSteamboat is a steamboat staple that is tasty on its own and, when simmered in soup, gives very spoonful a great burst of flavor.

What the customers can get best from LeSteamboat is that they need not prepare anything for a steamboat meal. Their meals are assured to come with utensils and equipments thus lessening the stress of preparation and just go get down to the delight of sharing the fun of eating sumptuous LeSteamboat meals! Moreover, LeSteamboat has natural air freshener to get rid of horrid smell that foods can incur, and this service is for free.

LeSteamboat is committed in making sure that you and your family will have the remarkable and best steamboat Singapore that you will remember together.

The company also offers buffet and catering services. The buffet value is quite cheap without sacrificing the advantages that customers will get. They offer the best food selection for steamboat meal. Indeed, the buffet price is affordable and suits for dinner or celebration occasions such as birthday and graduation. LeSteamboat always puts customer satisfaction as their top priority, as they want to share the best of your moments with you.

LeSteamboat is the best service food steamboat delivery in Singapore which offers fresh meals and foods right to the customer’s doorstep. For more information, please visit www.lesteamboat.com

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