Fantasy beds provides various types of mattress for different kinds of sleeping comforts


Tagore, Singapore – Fantasy Waterbeds, an online bed room furniture retailer in Singapore, offers various types of mattresses to provide sundry comforts for its heterogeneous customers and clients. A diverse yet achieving the unified goal, the company offers cutting edge mattresses to satisfy the needs of customers who have different preferences on sleeping comforts. “We are serious about sleep” says the team behind Fantasy beds. They aim to promote the best sleeping experience to every person as they incorporate their knowledge and expertise to turn impossible ideas into a serious actuality.

The bedroom furniture shop in Singapore aims to provide 100% satisfaction to its users and customers. Generally, there are three types of mattresses which features distinct elements and characteristics. Customers can choose from the following mattresses:

EverRest new generation waterbeds feature ‘ANTIWAVE’ technology which eliminates up to 99% of bed movements. Simply put, they offer less movement disturbance than traditional spring mattresses. Available in Hardside and Softside.

The mattress is confined within the bed frame, offering a unique bed and mattress combination. The frame is in effect a box to contain and give the mattress a flat surface. Your choice of bed frames can range from an upholstered frame to elaborate hand-carved 4 posters.

Looking like traditional mattresses, they can be combined with standard headboards and bed frames, not requiring any special frame to be built around the waterbed. Over the years Softside waterbeds continue to increase in popularity as they are easier to get in and out, come with a zip-off washable mattress top and can take standard fitted bed sheets.

Furthermore, these mattresses are made to treat and provide different health benefits as well. Insomnia, Eczema, bed sores, asthma and other allergies triggered by dust mites can be prevented with the aid of the technological advancements used to produce the bedding products.

The maximum potential of the mattresses have been evidently utilized by Fantasy Waterbeds harmonizing style, function, and comfort in one product. The company continues empower the seemingly ‘fantasy’ of having a great sleeping experience into a reality with its cutting edge bed room furniture items.

About the company:
Fantasy Waterbeds is an online bed room furniture shop in Singapore providing different mattress and bed frame options to its customers and clients. The company, Founded in 1983, is a committed bedding retailer whose goal are not only to provide sleeping comforts but to give different health benefits to its customers as well. Hence, it has maximized the benefits of having comfort, style, and health in an item that a person use every day. The company is also composed of professionals who picked a great selection of bedding and other bed room items. It also feature high quality bed room furniture to address the distinct needs of different kinds of people. In addition, Fantasy Waterbeds is Asia’s longest serving Waterbed Specialist. To find out more, visit:

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