Fantasy Waterbeds Launches its maiden ‘EveRest’ mattress in Singapore


Fantasy Waterbeds of Singapore introduces the very first customizable water bed called the EveRest. It is said to be able to contain both soft and hard sides in a mattress to fulfill needs of both partners.

EveRest is the epitome of a classic waterbed that gives full relaxation to its users as all pressure points of the body are under control as weight is distributed equally. This opens the way to not only a better sleep but regained health for those susceptible to problems such as insomnia, asthma, back pain, bed sores, pressure, arthritis, rheumatism, eczema and others.

Get rid of the sinking feeling that comes from the conventional mattress and gain full lumbar support with the waterbed that is fitted with mattress cover, water core, separation system, safety guard system, foam wedges or foam walls, heating systems, podiums made of base plates and weight distributors.

Heating system with its 3 years warranty is a unique accessory of the EveRest waterbed. An absolute paradise is created when you get this optional accessory to be a part of the waterbed. Controlled by thermostat, the heater is installed under the waterbed’s liner and is safe to use due to its double insulation and low voltage. Not to forget, it is also safe because of its special design which is meant for waterbeds. The heater is focused on increasing blood circulation and relaxing of the muscles. Some consumers have recovered from chronic back problems, strokes and paralysis after using this heater with the waterbed. Thus, those on long term medication should consider the waterbed with heater to gain back their health.

Although the EveRest comes with 15 years warranty, it is known to be able to extend its durability further. The lifespan of the EveRest waterbed can be extended by keeping a proper cleaning regimen. Maintenance of waterbed is easy; hence it is good to follow the cleaning regimen probably every 6 months once. Cleaning kit is provided with each purchase of the waterbed. But usually all that is needed to maintain quality of water and to prevent fungus or bacterial growth is a bottle of waterbed conditioner. The waterbed conditioner is also the key to keeping the vinyl of the waterbed supple, thus extending the lifespan of a waterbed. Fantasy Waterbeds guarantees that close observation of this rule of thumb for maintenance will never have you change the water inside the mattress.

Another method to prolong waterbed lifespan is to ensure the vinyl interior is always free of dust and dead cells which usually becomes the centre of attraction for dust mites. Wiping the mattress using our vinyl cleaner is advised especially for asthma sufferers. The vinyl cleaner also keeps the waterbed supple.

EveRest, a German product is available in Single, Super Single, Queen and King sizes. There are also Super Queen and Super King that are manufactured according to European/American mattress sizes. All mattresses can be customized.

About Fantasy Waterbeds:
Fantasy Waterbeds Pte Ltd is a reseller of EveRest mattress besides wooden bed frames and bedroom furniture Singapore. The company exclusively offers waterbed and its accessories along with cleaning kits. For more information, visit

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